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  1. I am an amateur photographer with aspirations of becoming professional, and was fortunate to be invited to photograph a company's corporate event. They liked my images enough to ask if I was willing to cover all their events across the Middle East. I am of course thrilled, but have no idea what to charge (the first event I covered for free as I felt it was a learning exercise for me). I would be required to travel to Qatar, Saudi and Kuwait (I live in Dubai), so besides the company paying for my travel and accommodation, I have no idea what I should charge. Should this be hourly, or event/project based, and how much? A dollar average would be perfect. I am only starting to build a portfolio now, so don't have much to show yet, and don't want to charge too much as this is a great opportunity for me. Any suggestions would be most welcome! Many thanks, Annette
  2. Ok....
    Lets see.
    The list is simple: Travel Expenses and accommodation with food covered by them.
    Event rate: Based on the average of skilled work rates; base your rate accordingly plus,(possibly double) per event as a fixed price.
    And third. And this is the most important one..... In-force it and take it. and don't be afraid.
    It will seem like a lot, but don't settle for less.
    Best of luck, and don't forget, one is worth how is carried oneself. So act the part. Walk the talk.
    Is easy, go for it.
  3. 1st question, are you an employee of this or an affiliated company?
  4. I've seen corporate event photography ranging from about $50 per hour to $350+ per hour. My rates range from $150 - $225 per hour, if that's any help.
    It's kind of meaningless to talk about an average rate though, as it will depend on your market and your skill level. I can tell you that it can be very hard work, require backup equipment, thinking on your feet and involve very difficult lighting conditions, and sometime difficult clients.
    Without further information from you about your level of experience and some samples of your work, the only solid advice I can give you is that charging on an hourly (or day rate) basis probably makes the most sense.
  5. Thank you to all for your feedback.
    Alfredo: I did some 'homework' at what companies charge around here, it's seems hourly at all times, never fixed. I made my rate a bit lower as I don't feel it's right that I charge the same as my more experienced colleagues. Still too much to learn. Thank you so much for the encouragement! (love the 'Is easy' part, yeah right...:)
    Bob: No, I am not an employee or affiliate. I got this job through my husband who works for this company, (albeit in a different region). I used his name (unashamedly) to gain access to their marketing lady to ask for photographic work when they have events here in the UAE, and seems my persistence wore off (helps to have a background in Business Development :) ) I did the first shoot for free as I was honest about not having much of a portfolio to show them yet.
    Alan:I contacted quite a few photographers businesses here, and it seems rates are between $140 - $270 around, with the higher amount being charged by the top agencies. I have offered my rates at $80 per hour within Dubai, and a $130 within the other GCC countries (any post editing I have included in these costs). My experience consists of having done lots of freebie photographing of school events, families, friends and anyone/thing willing to be photographed by me. This co would be my first paying client. I have decided to quote them only on hourly for now, so thank you for that advise!
    Thanks again to you all, regards, Annette
  6. Here in Washington, DC, the going rate can range anywhere from $1,000 to $2,000 a day. One guy I know charges about $500 to come out for 2-3 hours, then $150/hour beyind that. Discounts are sometimes given for long-time clients or for multi-day shoots. If you have to go out of town, travel expenses includes airfare, hotel rooms, meals, your time, all come on top of that. I prefer day rates over hourly, but you have to define what is a "day." Conferences sometimes begin with a "sunrise breakfast" meeting at 6 and don't end up til the corporate board dinner and entertainment breaks up at 10 or 11 p.m.

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