Average length of 36-exposure film?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by kishan_barot, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. Anybody know how long 36 exposures of film is? I need to know the
    feet/meters because I need to calculate how much space I'll need to
    dry the film in my shower after I process it.

    I remember I had to hold the film straight up when walking around with
    it in photo class and I'm almost 6ft tall, so that'd be like... 8 feet
    fo film? Not sure. Help me out. Thanks.
  2. 100 feet of 35MM is 750 exposures,do the math.
  3. About 5 or 5-1/2 feet assuming you trimmed the curved end off leader. It will fit into a shower no problem - that's where my film dries.
  4. I'm guessing it's closer to 6 feet than 8 feet, Kishan. I'm 5'11" with arms proportionate to my height. Sometimes I'll load snap caps from a bulk roll of film without using a bulk loader. I'll just stretch out a length of film long enough to reach from hand to hand with my arms outstretched. That usually works out to about 36 exposures.

    I also find myself holding my freshly processed negatives strips up above my head, but that's because I'm very conscious about them dragging the ground or touching my clothing and picking up lint. The strip actually isn't long enough to touch the ground if held a little lower.
  5. The latest Kodak (and Ilford) 36 exposure film is EXACTLY 64 1/2 inches from the taped end to the end of the tongue/leader! I am assuming you'll cut some off each end before drying, but it'll depend on how much YOU toss. It's even dependent on how many exposures you'll attempt to/actually get on that roll.

    Robert Johnson
  6. Anyone know how much shorter to roll bulk film to get 35 frames instead of 36? Just the size of 1 frame I venture? I guess that would be approx 1 and a half inches?

    Although...sometimes I get 37-38 exposures on a 36 factory roll if I am carefull about loading.
  7. I reckon 38mm/frame (=36+2mm space between frames)...get closer to 780-790 off 100' rolls, 802 being the theoretical limit
  8. Peter, you gotta try it yourself because you'll loose the last few frames at the end of a bulk loaded film roll due to fogging while bulk loading previous roll - depending on what type of loader you use.

    I use an Alden 74 and on that one, a clean 36 exp. roll is 41 "clicks", not 36 as you may guess without experience due to leader and fogging of last 2 frames.
  9. Hi Andre actually I dont use a bulk loader. I just sit in a dark closet and measure it out against an old piece of film taped to the wall. I had the Alden too but I found it innaccurate and as you said the begining of the film leader as well as the end are always fogged.
  10. Last I knew, it was around 63 inches...


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