Availability of Technidol for Kodak Tech Pan 50

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by rick_gray, Aug 29, 2008.

  1. Greetings! I continue to search far and wide in Canada for Kodak's technidol developer. I was told by Freestyle LA
    that it has been discontinued as of April 2008. I have 20 rolls of Tech Pan and love this film. Is there a close
    alternate for this developer? What about POTA? A thousand thanks for your input/advice.
  2. Check out the developers for Rollei ATP "techpan."
  3. I get good results with TP from several developers, including: Burton's 195, Photo' Formulary TD-3, and my own developers
    (510-Pyro, Hypercat, GSD-10). I even formulated a few developers specifically for TP, based on a single developing agent
    dissolved in TEA (Triethanolamine), specifically metol and phenidone, along with Pat Gainer's pyrogallol-TEA, and all worked
    very well once dilution, time, temp and agitation were worked out. Some people report good results with dilute Rodinal, but
    I've never tried that myself. I don't miss Technidol. Good luck.
  4. My first edition of The Darkroom Cookbook has three recipes for Tech Pan. The 3rd edition is coming out--maybe he's added some. (I don't know what's changed in the new version.)
  5. The Camerastore in Calgary had a good stuck of it last I was in
  6. Photograhers' Formulary's TD-3, as correctly mentioned by Jay De Fehr above, is an outstanding developer for Technical Pan, based on my experiences!
  7. I'm putting some powder Technidol LC on Ebay on Sunday, as it turns out. I've ordered some TD-3, and if it works
    out well, I'll sell you my Liquid Technidol at cost if you want it.
  8. I have used both Rodinal 1+100 and Xtol 1+3 with very good results. Times are in the Cookbook, or I can look up my times
    for you when I get back home in three weeks' time. I think Xtol was 12 mins, and probably Rodinal too.

    I stopped using TP three yeas ago. TMX is fine grained enough for me.
  9. There are many good developers for TP. The easiest one to use is probably Ilford Microphen at 1:5. You can see starting point times at the unblinkingeye.com website. LeZot Camera in Burlington, VT has a whole bunch of Technidol in the foil packets. I would try them first.
  10. zml


    Did you try Neofin Doku? Better IMO for half-tone TP than anything else.
  11. I've seen a bunch in april in Montral photo store. Don't remember the name but it was on Notre Dame street.
  12. Many thanks to all of you. Go well.
  13. Hi Rick,

    I hate Technidol, but love Tech Pan, I have complete information with Rodinal 1:100, it is sharper, and faster than the other stuff. Equally well in 35mm, 120, sheet films. We used it for years for our students and here in the college. It has a brownish cast something like Pyro, incredible quality.

    Normal conditions: Rodinal 1:100, ASA/ISO 64, 68F, 7min - 70F, 6.5min - 72F, 5.5min - 75F, 5min

    Agitate vigorously for 15 seconds then 5 sec each minute.

    For more information, email me.


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