Availability of premium OLY MFT lenses in black?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by fast_primes, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Taking a page from the Contax G story, Olympus has introduced all of it's premium lenses (including the super 75mm F1.8 lens) in chrome finish first. But for those of us who prefer the more unobtrusive black, still no word yet on black availability. Did Olympus state a when on this?
  2. I would probably not assume you will see them in black. They did a "Limited" version of the 12mm f2, but there is no news
    of any more special runs of black-finished high-end primes. It turned out the 12 run was, indeed, limited. Once sold out,
    that was it.
  3. Well.....now there's a rumor over at four-thirds rumors the 17, 45 and 75mm M. Zuikos will be released in black finish. Whether that's true, and if so, whether it is 6 weeks, 6 months or one year from now, I doubt anyone right now can, or will say.
  4. I will buy a 45mm f1.8 in black when Olympus is willing to put them out on the market. I figure they have a good thing going with the OM-D and they should get their market share while the iron is hot.
  5. It's probably pretty obvious by now that Olympus has released them in black :).

    Interestingly, the discount on the lenses promotion running right now ($100 off of the 75mm, etc.) doesn't seem to apply to the black version.

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