availability of Nikon FH-869G film holder with glass

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by ned_otter, Jul 13, 2006.

  1. Greetings--

    I've recently purchased a Nikon 9000 scanner, and am interested in purchasing
    the FH-869G film holder with glass. It has been out of stock for months on B+H
    and Adorama. Other online retailers don't have it in stock.

    Any idea what gives?

    Thanks in advance.

    Ned Otter
  2. Try being a retailer. Nikon lacks sufficient production capacity, so numerous bodies, lenses and accessories are backordered month after month.

    This glass carrier thing is an ongoing p.net topic of contention. It is simply maddening that a glass film holder, which is really a necessity with 8000/9000 scanners, not only isn't included with the scanners, but can't be found new, even though they retail for hundreds of $$$.
  3. I just ordered the GR version from Adorama today. It has been several months since I've seen them in stock anywhere.
  4. The roll feeder for the Nikon 5000 has also been unavailable for months and months. It is quite ridiculous.
  5. Yep just checking out the status at B&H this morning and they show them in stock today. They were out yesterday. Got my order in this morning.
  6. Good news. I just bought my FH-869G from Tri State camera yesterday (7/27) for only $229. They do have it in stock (not sure how many), and it already shipped. I was shocked it was in stock. I spent hours looking around the internet. I'd say buy quik before they run out:


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