Autofocus on D7100 and Sigma 17-50 mm does not work after firmware update

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  1. I have updated the firmware on my Nikon D7100 to C1.04. At that moment, my Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G AF-S ED VR DX was on the camera, and I did not notice any problems. Today I put my Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC OS HSM on the camera (my walk around lens) and discovered that autofocus was no longer working. When I press the auto/manual selector button while in auto mode, the control panel on top of the camera starts blinking, and the lens doesn't focus. It is possible to select the A, C, and S modes of auto focus, despite the blinking, and also to select the Area AF mode. My other lenses (Nikon 18-200 mm and Nikon Nikon 35mm f/1.8G DX AF-S. as well as Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM) continue to autofocus normally. Has anyone experienced a similar problem: after the firmware update, or without any firmware update? I have to decide whether to go to Nikon with the problem, or to Sigma. I would appreciate advice.
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  2. I strongly doubt Nikon will help you - they've never made their lens interface public and generally disapprove of third party lenses.

    Sigma have historically been willing to update the firmware on their lenses when the manufacturers do this. On the most recent lenses I believe you can do this yourself via the dock, but you may have to send off older stuff. Check that Sigma will actually do it if your lens is older, though.
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  3. I have that lens but with a D7200.

    But I'm now NOT going to update any of the recent batch of firmware updates. AFAIK, they cannot be rolled-back, so it could well turn my older Sigma AF lenses into MF bricks.

    My more recent ones that can use the Dock should be OK when Sigma update the lens firmware.

    The cynical amongst us could think this was deliberate.
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  4. Not that it's any immediate help to you, but this is one reason why I'm always leery of 3rd party lenses and tend to stick to camera-brand lenses(or at least the "official" lenses for the camera like Zeiss lenses on Hasselblads).

    I will say that Sigma has made great strides from becoming the butt of jokes in the 80s to making some truly incredible lenses now(the 135mm 1.8 ART has my attention, and it appears in a lot of ways to be better than the 135 f/2 DC Nikkor) and also seem to stay on top of firmware. I got a LOT more interested in them when they started making firmware updates an easy DIY process(something that other manufacturers don't do). Still, you're relying on them to have reliably reverse engineered the mount, and things are a lot more complicated these days than when "communication" consisted of a stop down lever and a notch in the aperture ring.
  5. For the OP, have you tried the 17-50 on another body just to eliminate the possibility of an unrelated issue with the lens? And, I would take the battery out of the D7100 and charge it fully. Probably neither action will help, but worth a try.
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  6. My Sigma 17-50 f/2.8 continues to autofocus with my D7100 after the latest upgrade. It's always had an issue with proper auto focus in live view. But, that's another issue.
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  7. Thank you, I will do so once I figure out Sigma's website.
  8. The interesting thing is that my older (purchased in 2008 or so)
    Is is interesting that my older Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM) continues to autofocus.
  9. Thank you. Unfortunately, I do not have access to another body. There were several real camera stores here ten years ago - they are all gone now. I'd probably have to drive 125 miles to San Francisco to find a real camera store and then convince the owner that I am not out to steal his camera body. Don't have any friend with Nikons where I live.
  10. Hello! I'm using a translator, so I'm sorry for the mistakes!
    I had the same problem, I solved installing the previous firmware C: 1.03, which I obtained at the electronic address of "sofpedia"!
    I hope it helps!
  11. I noticed the opposite problem with mine with the latest D7100 firmware; my later model 17-50 (still under warranty) still functions normally; and my older (no af/m switch on barrel), purchased used 10-20 f4-5.6 now refuses to af on my D7100, but still functions normally on my D5000. I contacted sigma and even though I disclosed the lens was old and purchased used; was informed they would update the firmware for no charge.
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  12. Or is it a reason to avoid camera marques that have a history of "competitive engineering" :rolleyes:
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  13. I have exactly same problem after fw update. Strange thing, this post here is the only one I found so far with this problem on the net. I thought that my lens was broken, now I'm sure it was because of the FW update. Will have to contact sigma support.
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  15. , post: 5658242, member: 10964268"]I just found this thread:
    Legacy Firmware (C 1.03) for D7100: Beginners Questions Forum: Digital Photography Review

    Dowloaded C1.03 from here:
    Nikon D7100 Camera Firmware C1.03
    installed firmware in the same way, I installed C1.04 and it worked! And after FW rollback, Sigma started to work OK again :)[/QUOTE]

    Worked perfect for me!!! Upgraded few weeks before and never used my Sigma 100-400 f4.0 after.
    Got swept, panicked tand cryied this when discovered that is not working. Daughter’s Championship on Sat and no lens.
    But lens works seamlessly after downgrading FW to 1.03.
  16. I have that Sigma 17-50 on my D7200 with the latest Nikon FW, and it AF's just fine. While third party lenses are subject to Nikon FW updates to the Nikon bodies, I doubt if Nikon deliberately targeted the Sigma on the D7100, and ignored it on other bodies. That is not to say that the lens won't meet a similar fate with future D7200 updates.
  17. What do you mean? I don't see good reason for Nikon to release the specs of the lens mount to Sigma. Nikon is #2 in the DSLR market because they buy sensors from other company. Canon is #1 because they make everything. Kodak was the company that introduced the first 1MP sensor. Their sensors were good compared to others but they went bankrupt because they want other company to make camera and lenses to use their sensor.
  18. I don't just mean "not releasing the specs" -- it's the practice of some firms of purposely reworking their stuff so the competitors won't work.
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