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  1. An archaeologist friend of mine working for a large Denver engineering and
    environmental firm may be needing a photographer in the Austin, Texas area in
    late March or sometime in April, or possibly May (the work is not absolutely
    confirmed yet) to do a small HABS/HAER job. If you qualify and would like me
    to pass your name and number on to him, please contact me by email.
  2. Of course the only person you'd want for such a job would be someone who already knows what "HABS/HAER" work is (and has a portfolio full of such)... but just for the sake of those of us that like to broaden our horizons as we skim through this forum, can you enlighten us? Thanks in advance. I suspect I'm not the only one that scratched my head over that one, but was too distracted by other things to run off and do the homework.
  3. Sorry,

    HABS stands for Historic American Buildings Survey, and Haer is Historic American Engineering Record. The purpose is to document certain historic structures for posterity to government standards which includes, in addition to photography, Engineering drawings, and written historical records. The photography portion must be done with large format using camera movements, various lenses, and of course done on a tripod. The photo documentation must be done to special standards using black and white contact prints on archival paper. (I thought everyone knew that.) Usually this is done when a structure is being torn down or altered greatly. There are still a few photographers around that do this work and are familiar. The work does require a lot of care and following nit-picking requirements.
  4. Are ink jet prints from scanned 4X5 negatives acceptable?
  5. You can find the guidlines here

    Look on the navigation bar on the left.

    - Randy
  6. Thanks, Randy. The info is there, buried in bureaucratese....
  7. Yep! Like most Government documents, finding what you're looking for can be a Sisyphean task...

    - Randy

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