August 2017 solar eclipse preparation

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  1. Total Solar Eclipse 2017 - Interactive Google Map

    It's an overlay onto Google Maps. Zoom in right down to street level to your hearts content. Pretty handy! :D
  2. Well, the decision was taken out of my hands (someone else bought the Nikon 80-400 :) ) so I pulled the trigger on the Sigma 400 APO. It'll get here next Friday. Now to scare up a 2x teleconverter, and download some camera control packages to try out on the D7000. The solar film came yesterday so I can start work on the solar filter for the lens soon as it gets here. My wife did some research and found a park called "The Dike" along one edge of the Clemson campus, which looks like an ideal place to set up. Two weeks and counting! :D
  3. bhm and john, Thanks much! That is exactly what I was looking for!
  4. I took an old road atlas and drew eclipse lines (using the online maps that show less detail) on each state map (Idaho to Tennessee) that I might use. That atlas will go with me when I leave. Right now, I have planned and practiced enough and gathered the right equipment to feel confident I can enjoy the viewing and also get some decent images. I have chosen a remote Nebraska location that should be a good place for viewing and imaging. I MIGHT tell you that location if you email me and promise not to spread it around. :) But my biggest anxiety is still finding out a couple days before the eclipse that a big swath of the Midwest is likely to be overcast or whatever. Then I'll have to do a last minute Plan B scramble to drive several hundred miles, camp out, whatever. I have worked so hard on this that at age 66 I am just not willing to be unsuccessful and will do just about anything to avoid it.
  5. In response to Sandy Vongries's suggestion re: the eclipse postage stamp, can someone else confirm that the times on the backing sheet are off?
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    And the Post Office is how far in debt? The Postmaster hadn't even been told what the stamp did. If I recall correctly there are excellent links above. ;)
  7. Just checked the site and it looks like the times on the stamp backing are correct.
  8. Are there any on-line sites that show cloud cover for the day in question, or even better, projected cloud cover for the day after?
  9. U.S. Weather
    The above link is probably the best I've found for cloud cover forecasts and it looks fairly promising for the Nebraska area I'm planning on next Monday.
    I would think the accuracy will be markedly better starting about Friday.
    If you want a good chuckle (which could become a lot less funny if you have to reserve someplace) check out anywhere along the total eclipse line. Opportunism at its best. I saw one listing that shows a blue tarp tied between trees over some unmowed grass, advertised as an "entire tent with one bedroom." $175 per night.
  10. ARGH! I'm rapidly approaching my wit's end. I'm trying to figure out how the blazes to automate shooting a range of shutter speeds with a tethering app on my Linux laptop. I've tried Darktable and Entangle. From stuff I've seen on various online forums both apps ought to be able to do this, but I can't for the life of me figure out how in either, nor can I find any useful information online on how to do it in either. I'd really rather not have to point and click my way down the shutter speed menu and spend the entire totality diddling with a keyboard. :(

    Anyone familiar with either of these apps, or could suggest another? I'd even take a skeleton of a shell script I could use against gphoto2 at this point.
  11. I have photographed Solar Eclipse on a cruise in South Pacific in 2012. There are 2 important setting. bright sun with solar filter and totality without filter. As far as solar filter photography it is easy because you have time and are able to practice days before. With totality you have one chance in lifetime lasting 2 minutes.I was using Nikon D7000 with 18-200mm lens,.Solid tripod, cable release, single point auto focus. I have pre-set U1 and U2 for totality. All my images were sharp and my best image of Diamond ring was in landscape mode. Most people I spoke to have photos out of focus because of the decision to use manual focus. Don't do it. . Solar Eclipe 2012.jpg
  12. Because solar eclipse is so rare most photographers would have never had opportunity to photograph it. Even Astronomer who was holding a lecture on the solar eclipse cruise has never seen one..I managed to take about 200 photos,and all were keepers. For Diamond ring only 7 photos were taken and in totality 48 photos.
    Camera sensor will not be damaged if you use solar filter but shade the camera between shots. Solar filter has to be removed quickly to photograph diamond ring and totality or you will miss it. Best would be to use crop sensor camera. Most important is to use in camera focus.I used D7000 with 18-200. I preset U1 for totality but was overexposed so I used auto.instead and it worked OK
    Attached are few photos with camera setting. Diamond ring with auto.jpg D7K_6176.JPG
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  13. Few more images Filter set up.JPG D7K_6316.JPG
  14. News from the eclipse center line in Jackson Hole ... according to the Idaho Falls news, all campsites in the region are full, the highway authorities have no idea how much traffic will occur on Sunday and Monday, and the local porta-potty company has brought in additional units to handle the load. (Kenny, are you here?). The airport is full and will turn away aircraft without reserved tie downs, but has tankers of extra fuel on hand to get departing aircraft out of here. First responders have bikes available if traffic is gridlocked.

    Went shopping Wednesday and the scene at the store was reminiscent of DC suburbs under a blizzard warning - crowded to the point you couldn't push a cart around and fresh produce shelves stripped bare. Store employees said that re-supply trucks would not come up if the roads were congested to the point of spoiling the perishables in the heat due to traffic stops (that includes beer and wine so it was a major concern ;-). Traffic yesterday was OK but construction on Rt. 89 to the south and a 4-car crash closing Teton pass kept the gridlock at bay. Stores are now re-stocked and refrigerated trailers are parked in the lots, so I guess we'll survive the apoc-eclipse.

    No signs yet of Rigelian or Pleaidian invasions. We just call them tourists here. I guess we'll survive as usual.

    (If you're in the Hole and need solar filter film, I have some extra Thousand Oaks film available in exchange for a donation to
  15. I only want to wish the best of luck to all of you who will be on the road, or in your own back yard for eclipse day. I'm content to stay home with approx 75-80% coverage. I look forward to seeing the images you folks are able to get as well as hear the great stories from the adventures. Good photo hunting to all.
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  16. In the 95% coverage Seattle area, the Trees provided a nice pinhole camera effect on the parking lot, showing the crescent sun:



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    Field expedient (I did make a camera obscura) but this was fun.
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  18. Only a partial eclipse at my latitude. 200mm lens + 1.4 teleconverter. Plus several ND filters. eclipse2.jpg
  19. Here is the picture I took today in Houston, TX before the max eclipse occurred.
    Shooting data: D 500, 300mm f4 E VR lens, cropped. White Balance cloudy. RAW, ISO 100, f 6.3 1/125, Live View used. Hand held. Processed with minimal changes in Nikon software. Solar filter was a 6 in made by Celestron which was taped to the front of the lens hood.

    JVSmith_170821_Solar Eclipse Houston_D500_69.jpg
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