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  1. Last year at around this time I bought a Ricoh GRD III and since then I've used it almost every single day. I love the handling and the sweet 2.8 lens. But since I've recently began renting a darkroom with a few other photographers I think it is time I buy myself a "go anywhere camera" that is film-fed.
    So, I borrowed a Contax T2 from a friend and after just a few days I've grown to love it. It is reasonably quiet for use in street work (especially since I seem to work most in noisy environments) and for some reason people don't seem to notice it (or recognize it as a camera) all too well. So those are huge points in it's favour. However, the long lens and the fact that setting the camera to f/2.8 activates Program mode has put me off a purchase. So I've narrowed down my alternatives for a wider angle compact film camera to just one. The small yet expensive Japanese camera, the Fuji Klasse W.
    The Klasse W looks to tick all the boxes, but there are a few questions that remain, questions that I hope you folks can help me answer:
    How noisy is it, quieter or louder than the T2?
    How does the build feel, on par with the T2?
    How do the optics perform?
    And perhaps most importantly: How does the finder look, what information does it display?
    Iv'e also looked at the GR range of cameras, but I am a bit apprehensive about purchasing an old compact at that price. The Fuji Klasse W gives me some reassurance in the fact that it is new from factory.
  2. What about a non-point and shoot? There are lots of compact film cameras from over the years -- Rollei 35, Canonets, Leica CL (obviously different price range), Olympus XA, Leica III series etc etc. The XA seems like it might be perfect for you...
  3. I can't say much about the noise compared with a T2 but from my quick fondle of one, I think its not as well built as a T2, but its still solid, and the optics look very nice in sample prints at about 8x10. How about the Fuji Natura? OK, its not in production but it has a 24mm f1.9 and is very small.
  4. The T2 is better-built, but there's nothing wrong with the Klasse W in the P&S class. I can't recall noise levels, but i didn't find either objectionable. They're about what you'd expect. If either is a problem, the other would also be a problem in the same situation.
    But, if you love the GRD so much, why not consider the Ricoh GR1/GR1s? I believe it's 28mm, and the design is similar to the GRD. Its lens has an excellent reputation. If you want wider, there was also a GR21 with a 21mm lens....
  5. Not that it's a big deal, but the GRD III has a 1.9 lens. But anyways, I don't know how hard it is to find one, but the Ricoh GR is supposed to be a very sweet little camera with I believe a very good 28 mm lens. You might look into that. I've never seen or until this thread heard of the Klasse.
  6. Ive had the Klasse W since it was released a word, its fabulous!!
  7. Craig, I am completely blowen away by your photos!
  8. Craig, I am completely blowen away by your photos!
  9. Wow, Craig, amazing shots! I think the deal has been sealed for me, I am getting myself a Klasse W for christmas. Thank you everyone for your replies!
  10. Nice work Craig. Are you living over there now? Or am I confusing you with another Craig. I believe a got you portrait book you did a couple of years ago. Anyways the shots are great and the camera work is superb, looks like the camera works too.:)
  11. Are you living over there now?​
    Barry, whats "over there"? I'm still in Asia / Singapore if that's what you mean :) Not sure if Im the same "Craig", I haven't ever done a portrait book before...
  12. My bad, that's why I asked. I thought there was a Craig Cooper that lived in the States that used to post here on P. Net that did a book of Med. Format color portraits. But I could have the name wrong. Anyways, you photos are schweet, enjoyed looking at them. The Klasse sounds like a nice camera though, I've already have a Leica, there's no real need to spend another 800 USD's for this. It looks like a good camera though 1/500 seems a little slow to me for a modern camera. Fujinon lenses, at least on Med. Format are as good as they get.

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