attaching a flash power pack to a monopod

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  1. Hi I have just bought a PB820 Propac flash power pack and want to attach it quickly and easily to a mono pod and put a flash on top with a modifier. Any top tips as to what is the best quick secure fix is for this?
  2. Velcro straps?
  3. Sinc it looks like it has a belt hook on it I'm sure you can think up something.
  4. Try this:
  5. pge


    I know you are not asking for opinions on the concept but isn't a monopod too short? Wouldn't a light stand give you more options?
  6. Thanks for the replies I'v found a velcro strap from my flash diffuser That should do the trick using the clip on the back of the device.
    I got the idea from a youtube video showing a flash mounted on a compact monopod with a Rouge Flash bender. It looked like a good idea as it can be closed down small to hold in one hand or extended, which my assistant can hold when taking couple portraits at weddings etc. I did think about a mini handle to mount the flash on but as I wanted to purchase a monopod anyway and less to carry about.
  7. However you mount it, I would put the power pack as far as possible to the opposite end of the monopod from the flash. That way it will act as a counterweight and make the whole thing easier to balance as it's held, and avoid having a lot of weight on the end that is being held up.

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