Astia 100F : stopped ?

Discussion in 'Film and Processing' started by didier, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. Did Fujifilm stop the ASTIA 100F ? I have been looking at several online sellers and did not find any... this is worrying me...
    thanks for your answers
  2. B&H Photo has it in stock:
    You had me worried there for a moment. Whew!
  3. No, they didn't, or at least there is no indication that they did. And I hope they never will. In my view, Astia 100F, Velvia 50 and Provia 400X (or their successors) are crucial for human culture and deserve to be protected by UNESCO :) if the worst is to come.
  4. If they stop making Astia, I stop shooting E6.
  5. If 35mm, have you tried Sensia? It used to be about half the price of Astia. I shot both long enough to conclude that if they were not the same film they were so close that I could not tell any difference. Unfortunately, they never made 120 Sensia so I would have pay the price for Astia when I shot MF.
    I have been shooting b&w exclusively for about four years now, so I do not know if the current Fuji E-6 situation has changed or not.
  6. stp


    Astia and Velvia make the world go around. Stop one, and the earth may fly into the sun. However, at that point, I wouldn't care.
  7. I always shot Provia F, or Kodak 100ES. Shot a lot of Sensia too. Kodachrome. Astia is just the pro emulsion of Sensia, right? Lately I shoot E100 GX because I got 40 rolls of it for free.
  8. Dear all,
    here is the answer from Fujifilm UK at the same question I asked about Astia :
    that film is discontinued in the UK now
    What a pity! I fear a discontinuation in one part of the World could mean a global discontinuation.
    Hope I am wrong
  9. Indeed, Astia is no longer imported to the UK, but you are free to import it yourself or have it sent from overseas. There are lengthy discussions about this at I think the importer of Fuji films to Britain should realize that offering diverse products pays even if some sell less than others.
  10. I wouldnt panic - all 220 film is also discontinued in the UK. Doesnt mean they dont still make it, simply that they dont offer it there. Same with Astia. You can still buy both in the US and Japan.
  11. Having seen this I decide to pick up a brick of 20 rolls in 35MM. I can't seem to find any. B&H only has single roles, same for Freestyle. I looked on Ebay where I'm almost always sure to find some - no 20 packs. I then went to Hunts Photo and Video, where I purchased allot of film in the past. They still listed the pro pack, but it was on back order.
    I wonder what is going on. This is a great film, I'd hate to see it go. Its one of my staple films.
  12. Seeing an Astia 4x5 sheet on a light table....or what a drum scan picks out, simply blows my mind everytime! Grain free 40x50 prints are a wonder to get close to!
  13. I heard from someone that Fuji is discontinuing huge wads of stuff. Hopefully that means new versions of the films soon. Hopefully.
  15. My understanding has always been that Astia is the latest and greatest formulation while Sensia is the name they put on the previous version of Astia. Color differences between the two have always been just tiny.
    Regarding pro packs, they are a minor convenience on the shelf, but the last few times I bought film they were actually more expensive than buying 20 loose rolls. I.e., the single roll price was $4.99, the brick price was $99.95, so you saved fifteen cents by buying loose rolls. In a declining market, it makes little sense to offer the same product at the same price in two different packages, tends to irritate distributors and retailers.

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