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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by lutherhert, Feb 10, 2017.

  1. Does anyone know where I may purchase a rubber eyepiece for an Asahi Pentax Digital Spot meter?
  2. using Google, I finally found a thread located on Photo Net, which mentions a repair service in Los Angeles, Ca., called Quality Light Metrics's. I called them and they can calibrate the meter and my have the rubber eye piece part that I need.. Theirnumber in 323-467-2265, if anyone else should need these services. THe threads on Photo.Net highly recommended this repair service.
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  4. The repair service provided an excellent repair. However, they did not have a rubber O ring. I can get along without the O ring. I do not mind if the thread is closed.
  5. Rubber O rings of many diameters and thicknesses can be bought from any decent hardware store. Plumbers' suppliers and DIY stores also stock a variety of sizes of O ring. And I'm sure any size of O ring imaginable can be ordered from an internet supplier.
  6. I got the analog version of the Spotmeter V in 1984 and it still works like a champ. I forget who offered them but I have a a placard that fits over the bottom of the dial with all of the Zone System Zones printed on it. It makes it so easy and fast to use the Zone System. The design of the digital version does not lend itself to the same kind ZS guide.
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    i took my eye cup off years ago. it was always steaming up and also made it difficult with glasses on.
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  10. What did they charge for the calibration?
  11. I have no way of knowing what they charged lutherhert , Quality Light Metrics's work is outstanding, fair & honest.
    I discovered them in the early '60s when I was living in LA & still use them by mail 2-1/2 decades later. I wouldn't
    worry about the price. It's still a lot more reasonable than the factory, or buying a new one. I hope U get this message.
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