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  1. Hi there,
    I have just started my AS Photography course in sixth form and have chosen the theme of 'London Transport'
    This includes everything from buses to underground trains to bikes to boats to taxis.
    I was planning on making a trip up to London tomorrow with my Canon EOS 7D and was flicking through webpages and discovered that I may have a few problems with the photos security wise?
    Will I be stopped my security/police if I'm taking photos of buses and taxis in Oxford Street/Regent Street and surrounding areas? I know that on London Underground they are OK with photos being taken as long as they are for personal use only.
    I don't want all the hassle of explaining to security that I am innocently taking photos for my AS course and not planning to blow up London!
    So, do I stick with this theme? Or try something with less hassle? I thought about Street Photography as an option?
    Thanks in advance,
    Christy x
  2. Hi,
    Try this website:
    Which takes on the issue in some detail. You (or better, your tutor) might contact the various transit authorities to ask for permission and/or their policies. Carry a letter from your college and anything that you receive from the relevant transit authorities, and you should be fine.
  3. Don't worry about it. You have the right to photograph anything you like from a public place.
    Whilst there have been a few cases of harassment from over zealous security guards and a few police officers, no one has ever been charged with anything and those detained by the police have subsequently received apologies.
  4. Christy,
    Take comfort, suggestions and support from a whole lot of 'street photographers' (including me) doing their thing out-and-about on the streets of London!
    Check out ~: The London Street Photography Festival
    My best advice for you is to just act natural, feel confident that you are doing absolutely nothing wrong, show some smiles and enjoy your day out. Just in case some id**t acts stroppy, don't let it upset or bother you. Enjoy your day!
  5. Have your student I.D. with you as well as a printout of the photo courses you are currently enrolled in. Even better, have the sheet that has your assignment details on it, with your instructor's contact info on it. You may be hassled, but if you can be verified on the spot that you are who you say you are, then you'll be allowed to go on your way with a minimum of fuss.
    No, you aren't required to do all this, but if you are trying to get some work done, then don't do like some "photographers" out there who seem to be doing everything they can to provoke a confrontation with authorities just a prove a point about "free speech".

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