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  1. I might hate myself in the morning, but I saw an 17mm FD at a reasonable price and pulled the trigger. The widest I have right now is a 20mm. My only regret is that it is not a BL. Oh, well. Please someone tell me that it is the greatest super wide ever made excluding the 14mm so I won't feel quite so guilty. (Don't tell my wife).
  2. According to Canon at the time, this lens had "perfect" qualities
    17mm.jpeg :rolleyes:
  3. OK, I feel a little better, but still wish it was the BL. Tell the truth, I can't wait to take it for a spin. If I get any good shots, I'll post 'em here.
  4. I never owned the FD 17mm, but know it's highly regarded. And yes, please post some pics.
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    I owned the nFD version of the 17mm f4.0 and found it to be an outstanding lens for Waterfall and interior photography. No other lens I had and I had a bunch of third party lenses close to the same focal length came close to it.

    Granted individual samples might vary.
  6. Just got it a half hour ago. Surprised the FedEx delivers on Sundays.
  7. Fedex, UPS, Amazon, even USPS (depends on the type) all deliver on Sundays. Amazon forced the issue.
  8. Now all I gotta do is use it. Dang, raining hard outside, and no good interiors in this apartment.
  9. First try with the new lens - I like it (the lens, that is)

  10. JDM -- the technical description provided (changing the air distance) makes me wonder if they didn't use Floating Lens Element (FLE) design. If so, I didn't realize that was a manufacturing capability at the time (but very cool, if so!). Or am I misunderstanding the engineering feature Canon is referring to?

    Also, I've owned this lens for several years although haven't shot with it lately. I'm motivated to try it out again.

  11. Just checked. The FD 17mm did use floating elements. Canon started using floating elements on certain FD lenses back in 1971 when the FD lens line was introduced.
  12. Just for fun, the same flower bed with an FD 200 f2.8

    flower bed.jpg
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  13. Looks good to me.
    Wish I had one, but I haven't been able to get my backlog reduced, anyhow, so I've resisted the urge to Google for it.

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