"Artist's Hand" for Critique

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by sanford, May 16, 2003.

  1. Carmel Art Festival plein air painting competition, today (Friday) at Monterey commericial pier, M6, 50mm Summicron, Velvia.
  2. I like the composition, but would have liked to have seen less depth of field. For me, the boat and rigging in the background is a little too distracting.
  3. I really like it. Exposure, composition and message are all spot on!
    Well done Sanford
  4. The image seems cluttered. Because of the angle itย’s hard to tell that the hand is advancing to an easel. The background is cluttered, and the palette draws the eye. The edge of the pier pulls the eye out of the frame. I would like to see an angle that allowed my eye to see the painting, and possibly more of the painter.


    Joe Stephenson
  5. If it was an air painting competition, shouldn't there be no canvas (like "air guitar")? ;-)

    The saturated colors are nice, but I, too, would prefer less DOF, Sanford.
  6. would prefer less DOF

    Really nice photo, but Ralph, has got it right. Too much DOF.
  7. Ms, having 1/1000th max shutter speed, needs extremely low colour speed film to get less DOF.

    How to go about this? ND filter? Shoot in dusk?
  8. I think I can intensify & darken the color in the hand, add contrast to darken the background, and the hand will stand out. I intended to do this and it looks better on my monitor when viewed from Photoshop Elements, but the effect was lost somehow in the prints and here. I knew the artist was painting the ship to his side while looking ahead, but the irony of the shot is lost because you can't know that. This is one of the values of critiques.
  9. Travis - yes, ISO 100 and ND filters - never leave home without them. ;-)

    Sanford - I think this is one of those photo opportunities where the image either needs to be about the colors and the shapes, or about the painting and the art process. The composition you chose tends to concentrate on the colors, I think, which is perfectly fine. Showing the irony of painting one thing while looking in a different direction would have required a far different composition, making it a totally different picture.

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