Article: M10 vs M9 vs M6 + Portra 800 (and oh boy I think I'm in love with this emulsion)

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  1. I used to think that Portra 800 was not very good, as it is much less flexible and advanced than Portra 400. But have a look at this:

    An Inquiry into Digital versus Film - Featuring the M10 vs M9 vs M6

    M10 and M9 are terrific. But Portra 800 just shines. It's amazing. And it reminds me of Vision3 Cinestill. Perhaps it just loves environments with lots of mixed lighting.

    So what do you think?
  2. Film has soul, while digital is without character.

    Here we go again...Also "rendering" has officially become one of the top irritating words in photography along with "dynamic range". I liked both Portra 400 and 800, as it happens, although I rarely used 800. I was a more frequent user of Fuji NPH when I shot film.
  3. On my monitor the mixed light film scans look very green.
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  4. Gee, some $20K worth of equipment yielding results that can only be described by the term "fugly".
    Or magenta - common problem when the shutter speed is too fast to average over a full period of the AC voltage driving the fluorescent lights.

    From the article:
    The images posted definitely refute that claim.

    Given the obvious differences between the M9 and M10 images, that's refuted too.

    How one can come to any different conclusion from that article I cannot understand; results taken with it are far worse than anything produced by either digital Leica.
  5. Robin, Fuji colour neg film also has a unique look to it which I love. Like Portra 800 here, it's not 'faithful' but it certainly looks beautiful. I think that just like Portra 800, 800Z is really a 400 speed emulsion. That's just my perception. But either way I love these films.

    And if you think 'rendering' is annoying, 'photoshopping' is arguably the worst of all. Not to mention the misunderstandings of 'compression' and 'cinematic'. :-D
  6. I recently picked up a few rolls of T-Max 400, but just can't bring myself to load it in either the M6 or M4 given how much I like, and how easy it is to get the results one can with the digital M262.
  7. I don't mind "photoshopping" so much, but certainly agree about "cinematic".
  8. Wow, I guess if you like either a green or orange color cast, the Portra is the way to go :(
  9. I think Portra 800 and 400 has two different aspects. I like 400 on my Hasselblad and never ever used 800. It was due the film saturation that looked different to me.
    M9 and 10 has two diffrent sensors and if you look at the colour photos and the different between two sensors that produses that is what makes you heart matter.
  10. Mine too. Not sure what the big deal is here.

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