"Arthur Tress: San Fransisco 1964"

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  1. For those living in the San Fransisco area, you may want to check out this show at the de Young Museum, part of the Fine Arts Museum through June 3rd. If you have been there, kindly give us a report. Mr. Tress, as a 23 year old, wandered the streets of San Fransisco with a MF Rollieflex. I have not seen any of this early work but really like most of his later images. Most of you California rascals weren't even alive in 1964 so it could be pretty interesting from a historical/cultural perspective.
  2. Tim, I didn't know Arthur, as he departed four years before I arrived. and when campus demonstrations started the year after the summer of love, everyone knew everyone, literally in the field of taking photos on the street.
    Many careers got started a few years after Tress departed San Francisco. He took only 900 negatives, it says, but they seem pretty good; I'd be happy with he ones shown His work certainly deserves a look.
    Thank you for the pointer -- the work seems entirely original AND interesting. If I were around there, I'd see it in a heartbeat.
    E. Short, thanks for the link/nice photos shown.
    John (Crosley)
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    Thanks for introducing us to Arthur Tress, he has some eye.

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