Art in Public Places

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  1. E19EB6D6-3274-447F-95BB-A3F1A1C2241D.jpeg

    Sculptures by the Sea. Sydney, Australia.
  2. 0006a Espaldas-EsculturaVíctimasTerrorismo-11M-NAIS20.jpg Nikkor AIs 20
  3. weird-art.jpg

    Aaachen, Germany
  4. Sandy Vongries

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    Sheridan, WY
    DSC_9835 (1000x666).jpg
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  5. This is a bicycle rack cleverly designed to look like an octopus. I've never seen a bicycle tethered to it. Cannery Row.
    P1000087a (1).jpg
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  6. IMG_20170324_164525_HDR.jpg

    Krishna Rasaleela - The Rasa dance of Lord Krishna with Gopikas and Gopas
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  8. Floral Art
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  9. An enemy of the people...

    public enemies.jpg
  10. They can lighten the mood and entertain . Washington DC A Slow slow chess game NW enl,,,.jpg
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