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  1. I had my first experience in an arts and Craft Fair to get a taste of what was involved. While I did make money (unlike most vendors) I know I have a lot to learn. I did have so many people say they loved my work but at $115 it was way way over anything else being sold so it was the $15 prints that sold.
    It was the 1st event for this fair and I'm thinking maybe 500 tops attended. On a good note one other photographer asked if I had done Art Fair on the Square. Well for $500 10x10 event and juried $35 3/1 I said I had not even considered it. Then a professional photographer said said I would have no problem at all getting in.'
    WELL - considering I have no booth I think this will be a goal for 2012 perhaps.
    My question is this. are there any books that talk about doing fairs? suggestions on anything to read? stories . . ANYTHING> I have my idea for an outdoor booth but since I am totally new to this any bits of knowledge would be helpful. I'm a great talker, know what to focus photographically but I don't k ow what I don't know . . . .
  2. ar eyou selling your art framed>?
    I just came home from one - and editing photos as i type..
    Since the person running it did not put me in any advertising, I made nothing. So, that is my tip for you. Make sure you have advertising :)
    People going to art fairs don't usually spend 115 on one item, unless its a LARGE item. Unfortunately, they dont think of wall art that way...I think if you had it matted and framed you could do 90-115 - easy....
  3. Better then framed - canvas - I was not expecting to sell ANY big items - had a lot of people pointing and taking cards and talking commission work (which is what I've been making money on the last few months). I feel it is more like advertising. I did have a few people asking where they can see my work, if I had a store. Had to point them to the Gallery in town.
    this event was not advertised very well but it was only $25 and I did make $137 in prints, postcards and bookmarks.
  4. If i were you i'd have a goal then make a plan as to how youre going to achieve that goal. you dont have to share it with us, but if your goal is to make money, you need to consider your time frame, your investment of both time and money, and what you could being otherwise, or instead of art shows to make money. Also, you need to carefully consider the show, and the clients. In some shows $100 bucks is not enough, in other shows it may be too much . . .
  5. Thanks tony - I've been making lists and plans and looking at next years shows to see what is good, bad and so forth. one of the things I know is that while making money at a show is great it is also great advertising as I'm more of a free lance, rather then portrait wedding sort of guy!
    I love making contacts and talking to people and have a vision of what "my" booth would look like. No Art Fair on the Square for me yet ($500 juried 3/1). LOL
    I'm not trying to make a living at this. Just supplemental income.
  6. Art fairs are a tough business. Some do not make their entry fee back, to say nothing of inventory, the booth and other equipment, gas. In terms of supplemental income, a job at WalMart may not be as much fun, but it will probably pay more. Here is a source of info:
  7. As stated before, your exposure lets the people know what you are capable of achieving. I found that lot of the business happens afterwards.

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