Arre old Polaroid 4x5 packs salvageable for a fun project?

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  1. Hi there

    I have a bunch of old 4x5 Polaroid sheets where the reagent chemicals have dried up. I am wondering if they are able to be salvaged if I replaced the pods and reagent with a DIY one. It seems a waste to throw them away when I could have fun experimenting.

    Obviously I would have to take off the original pod (easy as its so loosely connected) and replace with a diy one (probably hard) in the dark but my first question is are the polaroid receptor sheets treated so they are not sensitive to light anymore? If so there are loads of old peel apart and 4x5 packs that are dried up out there so salvaging these might be an idea, I have 3 boxes myself. I'm hoping they would be good for a Diffusion transfer reversal technique and be ok if they saw the light and not affect their use as the receptor in the transfer process if they were exposed to light. i am aware the negative can't be but this sheet?

    I am playing around with making a little reagent so if anyone has a formula or great tips for this do let me know.

    Also when I mix the carboxymethylcellulose it doesnt combine with the liquid so wondering if I need to heat this up to get it to become a viscous jelly and if thats OK to do.
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    I can't help you with the chemicals, but the receiver sheets (what became the actual prints) are not light sensitive with 4x5 Polaroid.
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  3. Ok thats great to know, thanks AjG

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