arranging and printing an array of the same image on one page?

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  1. Afraid i've hit a last minute problem in printing some promotional material for a gallery opening using photoshop. If you could help with the business card issue, i think that the other needs would also be taken care of..
    I'm trying to print business cards using the artist's image as a background, then printing their text information on the image. Basically, i've printed similar cards before, and can put the type onto the image, that doesn't seem to be a problem. But there must be a way to print them all in an array on a complete blank sheet, say, 11 by 17 inches, but I can't seem to figure this step out. I have printed different images on a single sheet before, but am stumbling on this seemingly simple issue when trying to complete this project. Many thanks for any help!
  2. Are you using a MAC or PC? And what version of Photoshop? Are you trying to print the same image or different images?

    Older Photoshops had a proof sheet automation. You could fiddle and customize that.
    Newer Photoshops use Bridge. Go into Bridge and find the the output to PDF function. That will allow you to output into a grid.
    If it's the same image, on a MAC (and maybe on a PC too), you can go Print-> Layout and select more than 1 sheet on a page.
    Hope that all helps somewhat. If you give some more specifics, answer can be more specific too.
    Good luck.
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  3. Photoshop has an automation script called "Picture Package" which will print an array of the same image on one sheet. Lightroom will do the same. Microsoft Word has an "Envelope and Labels" routine which will allow you to print sheets of labels. Avery has sheets of business cards, which are included in the list of "Labels" in Word.
    Word can be a royal PITA as a layout program. If you need to combine text, graphics and images, it's better to use a true layout program like Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign and Quark Express. If you wish to use a service bureau to do your printing, nearly all of them have InDesign and Quark. You can also "print" to a PDF file, which can also be used by a service bureau.
  4. Thanks, sorry i couldn't get back sooner. It's an older version, Aaron, and i'm on a mac.
    Edward, I'm going to try your suggestion w/ "Picture Package". Before I'd been using the "Contact Sheet" and while this seemed to work for other applications, i couldn't figure out how to do this one. Thank you!
  5. I use Lightroom. I created a Print module preset which prints my business cards on Avery 8871 laser perf "extra heavy" business card stock perfectly. Easy to change and manipulate exactly what I want on the cards, front and back, that way.

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