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  1. I've bought an Aristophot, a device which is built like a battleship, mostly the same colour and weight! It is (was) used for macrophotography and for slide copying but I have no idea about the lenses which will attach to it. I can list those that don't because they're the ones I own. I suspect that intermediate rings are available and identified somewhere. I see a reference to it in Leica Fotografie 1971/3 which tells me that there is a pamphlet. Any ideas about how I locate one?
    Anyone actually own an Aristophot or am I at last unique in my Leica collection?
    Peter Phillips
  2. According to the 1951 Leica manual, it has a lens board, which
    implies different boards for different lenses. Then it goes on to
    name such famous optics as the Macro-Summars (24-120mm, all f4.5) and
    the Milars, 65mm and 100mm, also f4.5. I've seen Macro-Summars on
    ebay once in a while--there's an 80 right now--but never a Milar. I
    wonder if you'd be lucky and they might have some standard enlarging
    lens thread (I think 34.5mm is one such thread, and I have an ancient
    adapter to bring that size up to LTM size, which might mean something-
    -or might not)--so maybe you could fit an old slower Schneider
    Componon or something similar.
  3. Dear Mr Phillips,

    please have a look onto


    You will find a lot of accessories there.
  4. I have a Leitz Wetzlar Germany Repro-Photar II 25mm f2.0-f11 with an extension ring (about 25mm)with a standard screw mount fitting. According to the 1981 Leitz Canada catalogue, it will do up to 4X magnification, and with additional extension rings, up to 7X. It is in the original box and appears to have never been used.

    It is for sale, and if you are interested, email me at iwmac@sympatico.ca.

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