Argus "Lafayette" Model

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  1. And now for something a little different. Years ago, for no good reason, I replaced the lens on this Argus (what model was it?) with a Krauss of Paris Zeiss Tessar in a helical focusing mount. Its flange was a nice fit on the camera and a little tape across the film aperture allowed a new focusing mark to be set. No use posting a picture from it as it looks like any one taken with a good Tessar. Bet you don't have one of these Dan!
  2. Cool!

    That looks like a Model 21 Markfinder. This was a non-rangefinder camera that was a precursor to the more popular C-4 and C-44. It was made between 1947 and 1952.

    You can see more information about this and other Argus cameras at the Argus Collector Group

    Paul Noble

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