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    Thanks, but I won't be needing them myself. :) Didn't want to get into a set of filters and hood just for one camera, and vintage filters are often not in good condition.

    The other reason I sold the C4 is that I found the front-mounted shutter speed dial easy to nudge out of position. Otherwise, it's a pleasant camera to use. The viewfinder is quite good too, when cleaned.
  2. An Argus (?) you don't see very often, the CR-1

    Argus reworked pnet.jpg
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  3. Another oddball, the Argus/Cosina STL1000

    Argus reworked Pnet.jpg
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  4. I had an Argus A in my collection but never used it.My version had an extinction meter on the top plate which I thought was a clear and inexpensive addition.

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