Argus 75

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  1. I remember when a lot of people used this camera. I would watch them pop-out the flash bulb, all melted and deformed. Anyone have a story to share about this camera? I included a picture. -Ken
  2. Can't say that I've used the Argus, seems to be a US only camera. I have plenty of fun popping flashbulbs in my various Brownies etc. Gene M has a bit on the 75, just a few lines down.... great photos as usual.
  3. Ken,

    I"ve got one of these!! Gene M seems to have many. I think I've got the flash too... I will treasure this because my Dad gave it
    to me back in the late 70's. A 50 year old school teacher, He had just started teaching photography at his new location.
    I think they all saw it as an undesirable job...lets give it to the new guy sort of thing. But my Dad was from the old WWII style B&W finally had a darkroom and a budget and me.. with 22 just getting into it. He picked one Argus 75 up for 5$ at a yard sale and said he"d have it on hand for students who
    didn't have a "proper" camera for his course.. he soon just gave it to me and I did learn a lot. I've shot at least ten rolls through it
    respooling 120 to the 620 spools until I couldn't get any more 620 spools. BAck in the early 80s you could still buy 620 Verchrome Pan in some places... and I was doing my own B&W. I shot some Ektachrome
    on this Fall scene with a bridge, sunlight and water.. still a personal favorite ... like the camera ..from my Dad!!
    I really need to be able to scan 120/620 slides somehow!!
  4. I don't have the 75, but I do have an Argus 40 that I use once in a while. I trim down the plastic feed roll with my pocket knife and use a 620 take-up spool.I put plastic drinking straws into the end of the feed roll to keep it centered. It is a great ice breaker at family functions, people don't think that I am actually taking thier picture with this ancient thig, besides you can't buy film for those old thing anyway. I get some pretty good candid shots . BTW- I wish that my Rolleiflexes had as bright of a veiwfinder as this one. The last time that I used it this young guy asked me if I had it converted it to Digital. I have a series V kodak filter adapter so I can even play like the big boys now.
  5. One more Argus 40 picture

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