Argus 3D

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  1. Anyone know about the relatively recent (maybe 1995) Argus 3D camera?

    I didn't even know that Argus was still around.

    It seems to have one lens, with mirrors in front to make two images.

    I do remember in the olden days (that is, older than me) there were 3D adapters
    that fit on the filter ring of the lens, with mirrors to make two images.
    In this case, it seems built into the camera.
  2. The original Argus Camera Co. is long out of business. It looks like someone bought the name, and used it for import purposes. Here's a link for some info:

    James's Camera Collection: Argus 3D
  3. Thanks. It seems that I bought one for $10, though haven't picked it up yet.

    Might be fun to try, though.
  4. Now I have to get one of these... DRATo_O
  5. OK, I now have it. Interesting, the film path is such that the film isn't flat, but curves such that each half is close to flat, with a sprocket roller in between.

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