Are you using Canon FD lens on DSLR body?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by bestactionshots, Dec 14, 2004.

  1. I'm looking for experience from users that have used Canon FD lens on
    DSLR body. I guess it will work with $200 FD-EF lens adapter. How
    about quality?
  2. I'm guessing this question has been asked a couple of hundred times in this forum. There many many threads on it in the archives.

    If you are buying a third party adapter $200 is a rip off. Adorama has one for $39. It looks to have no glass and you lose infinity focus. Hama makes one with glass that runs around $100. This degrades your image a great deal and the quality of your photographs will not be high.

    If you have long telephotos you might try to find an original Canon adapter. It acts as a 1.26 teleconverter but preserves optical quality. It can only physically mate with a select few lenses and the last I saw went for more like $400 to $500.
  3. How about a link to the $200 adapter? Is it made by Canon? It's well known that the optical ones not made by Canon are worthless, but I've never seen one sell for that much.<p>If it is made by Canon, and has optics, the protruding front end prevents it from being mounted to anything but specific high-end FD glass:<br>FD 200mm 1.8 L<br>
    FD 200mm 2.8 RF<br>
    FD 300mm 2.8 L<br>
    FD 300mm 4<br>
    FD 300mm 4 L<br>
    FD 400mm 2.8 L<br>
    FD 400mm 4.5<br>
    FD 500mm 4.5 L<br>
    FD 600mm 4.5<br>
    FD 800mm 5.6 L<br>
    FD 50-300mm 4.5 L<br>
    FD 85-300mm 4.5<br>
    FD 150-600mm 5.6 L<P>Or if it is made by Canon or anybody else, and has no optics, it is basicly a small extension tube and you lose infinity focus. Maybe useful for closeup/macro.
  4. Get Nikkor MF long primes instead, and just use them with the non-optical infinity capable
    adapter, unless you have a specialty lens such as the 200 f/1.8L or the 150-600 f/5.6L.
    It'll be cheaper.
  5. BAS asks:

    "I'm looking for experience from users that have used Canon FD lens on DSLR body. I guess it will work with $200 FD-EF lens adapter. How about quality?"

    First of all, $200 is waaaaaaay too much to spend on one of those things, at least the one made by Hama. I got mine for well under $100.

    Second, I've been using it on my 10D with my old FDn 300mm/f:4 non-L and it seems to do OK as long as you focus carefully. Here are some sample shots I did with that set up:

    The Hama softens the image a bit, so I used the Unsharp Mask in Photoshop to make up for that. Also, the adapter has a glass elemetn which makes it act like an approx. 1.5x teleconverter, so you lose an f-stop.

    Other than those caveats, I don't think the Hama FD-EOS is all that bad a device as long as you stick with high-quality teles. I also used it with my old FDn 80-200mm/f:4 L until I sold that lens. It seemed to work fine with that lens as well.

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