Are you an ethical photographer?

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  1. Ethics and law are not the same thing. We agree. I don’t know why you made that point. Now how ‘bout addressing the actual point of photos helping people see and change their moral outlook toward others, which is what I mean by pushing boundaries. That’s the ethics I’ve been talking about and you’ve been not addressing.
  2. To be clear, Inoneeye and I talked about photos pushing boundaries. You’ve used the words whim and ignorance to vaguely characterize that. I’ve explained to you I’m not in favor changing or overturning ethical principles but rather pointing to photography’s ability to help is apply those principles in ways we hadn’t been. You have not directly responded to examples of photography having done or attempted to do that.
  3. You actually haven’t even acknowledged that there’s a difference between trashing ethical principles and applying ethical principles to various situations, instead preferring to conflate them and insist I’m trying to eliminate ethics instead of trying to acknowledge that ethical stances have changed toward certain things and people over time, sometimes aided by the visibility and challenge a photo can bring.
  4. Again.
    As Simple as I can be.
    As Direct as I can be.
    Photographs are not my ethical compass.

    I expect others use them in an attempt to influence the ethics of others, but to less effect than they wish to believe.
    I see considerable evidence darker images lead to darker minds, not enlightened ethics. I gave a clear example of the exception with specific reasons for the difference.

    That is quite the best I think I can offer.
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  5. Thanks. I imagine it is.
  6. Just to add, I think photos can influence without that being the intent of the photographer. Photographers may just opt to show and make visible different worlds and people may see them and respond in all sorts of ways. One of the joys of photography is watching photos take on lives of their own well beyond attempts of the photographers who made them. Another joy is watching photographers able to influence the world in a positive way. This, of course, does not make photography a moral compass as much as it can sometimes make it a moral vehicle.
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  7. if you yourself are an ethical person, shooting unethical photo's will soon disturb you.
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