Are there those who don't use their cameras as often?

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  1. Not to rain on a parade, but the flip side of the future, conveyed sometimes by photos (maybe especially news photos), is pessimism. Turns out the pictures from Sandy Hook and Columbine, while showing present scenes at the time, were also telling us the future. The future has arrived again and again and did so again this week. And we’re obviously not done because the pics from Texas are even more an indicator of what’s to come in an America whose news photos are showing us the rot of our society that, at least so far, we’ve been too blind to see. Photos have to be seen to be understood. Unfortunately, they’re often looked at by eyes that refuse to see.
  2. Are you saying it is better, more realistic, to view the future through the thoughts and actions of a pessimism than thru optimism?
  3. Not at all. I’m just recognizing that future possibilities and what photos can convey about the future have a range from good to bad, and what I see when I look to the future or see the future in photos sometimes produces optimism and sometimes produces pessimism. Anyway, seeing both sides of the coin would be my idea of realism. I’m not in any way knocking your optimism. Just saying it’s hard for me to access right now.
  4. I understand and appreciate your response. BTW I just watched Real Madrid beat Liverpool in Paris at the European Soccer Final. A really exciting game and being an old English soccer player I was always optimistic about a positive outcome. But wishes do not bring about results. It is "controlled" by Chaos Theory and/or the randomness of cause and effect in the Universe (Multiverse too).
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    I think about this question quite a bit--much to my often chagrin... While only 65, a couple of bad bouts of health issues in the past five years sidelined a lot of what I would normally do--wandering about and covering fun public events. When it hurts to walk any distance and then run out of breath--this does not add to one's image archive. My DSLR sits on the kitchen table ready to go--and my Lumix is in the car. Thankfully, many of the health issues have been resolved as well as possible--and now every so often a click or two is heard!

    As a few others have said, time can be spent on other photo interests. As an amateur genealogist, there has been the organizing and scanning 160+ years of family pictures from a lot of branches. I built a negative copy stand that uses my old Besler negative carriers in concert with the Nikkor 40mm Micro. Good stuff. Going through and trimming what appears to be tens of thousands of my own plinks over the past 30 years. And finding new treasures in that!

    The workbench in the basement has several cameras on it. Two A-1's being completely torn down and rehabbed; similarly an Argus C3 and a Minolta Autocord. Maybe I will get them finished. Also distracting from photography is renewed interest in other hobbies--and the realization that I have too much-damned stuff that needs sorted and given away or sold. New York legalizing cannabis has been a great help with all of that... :cool:

    Summer is here, it no longer feels like we are being stalked by the Black Death. Hope to get out more. You all will be among the first to see what happens!!!
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  6. I brought a roll to my nearby C41/E6 lab, and asked about business.
    It seems that film got more popular in the early shelter-in-place days.

    I might be shooting less, partly because there are some things that I
    already have enough pictures of.
  7. When I was in the news business it kept me busy every day. I was constantly in the darkroom or downloading something under deadline pressure and I thrived on that. That work seems to have come to an end. I go to a college football or basketball game and where photographers were once elbow to elbow and three rows deep there are maybe 1/4 as many if it’s a big game. I suspect also that I live in the most boring town in the world which means I just don’t shoot all that much the last couple years. I think it’s time for a very long road trip once gas prices aren’t extortion as they are now.

    Rick H.

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