Are there any wireless shutter release for classic manual camera ?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by MTC Photography, Apr 6, 2017.

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    I know there is wireless remote shutter release for DSLR,

    Are there any wireless shutter release for classic manual camera ?
  2. Well, one used to make use of self timers.
  3. There were quite a few infra-red (IR) triggers for the later SLR cameras, as I recall. I have one for the Sigma SA-300, for instance.
  4. A Nikon F + F36 Motor Drive + Cordless Battery Back provides a (U.S.) standard household socket that is a simple switch for triggering the camera. People used to construct homebrewed radio control devices to plug into it, but nowadays it seems like a PocketWizard with the MH1 cord would be simplest.

    (Though is a Nikon F still a "classic manual camera" when we attach a motor drive?)

    PocketWizard also makes a cord (HBM3) for triggering a Hasselblad 500EL, 500ELM, or 500ELX.
  5. The Nikon Nikkormat Handbook 1974 Joseph D. Cooper (Motorized Camera Section) shows a radio control setup for a motor drive F, also various kinds of sensors that would trip the shutter. A really Rube Goldberg arrangement I haven't thought of in years was "wireless" but consisted of an air driven shutter release at the end of a long rubber tube with a squeeze bulb at the other end!
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    Bulb releases predated wire shutter releases. That is why it is "B" for bulb on the shutter setting. I owned a pneumatic bulb release. They could come with long tubes and mine was 25 feet long. It was great for taking self portraits using cameras that had no self timers. You can see the bulb release in my left hand in this photo taken during my wildlife photography days.

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  7. I think the Bulb setting was for "flashbulb" because there was a slight delay before the bulb flash fully ignited reached its peak. The method of tripping the shutter doesn't impact synch speed. Possibly I'm wrong about that, but don't think so.
  8. I used the bulb setting for holding the shutter open with a cable release to make exposures longer than one second.
  9. James G. Dainis

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    And, you can still buy them.

    Kalt Air Shutter Release - 20' (6 m) NP10129 B&H Photo Video

    One nice thing is you can place it under your foot, pose with your hands in your lap or otherwise have both hands showing and take the photo by stepping down. You take the photo when you are ready not when a self timer winds down. The avatar photo of me and my old view camera was taken with the bulb-under-the-foot-method.
  10. This is wrong, Sandy. James's previous post is right. To provide a little more detail, a shutters "B" or "Bulb" setting should keep the shutter open as long as the release is depressed. It has nothing to do with the flash synchronisation. Depending on the type of camera and shutter used, the Bulb speed may be employed with either electronic or flash bulb synchronisation, whether this is as a result of Eg. which PC connection the flash cable is fitted to, or in the case of other designs (Eg Compur and a number of other shutters) by virtue of which position the sync selector switch is set to (Eg "X" or "M"). Hence, it's usually entirely possible to make an extended Bulb exposure using a flash with either electronic or bulb synchronisation, whenever the camera involved has the ability to give you the option of either sort of delay.
  11. Thanks, Bret -- though I still have a stash of #6 FP bulbs for the Leica, the battery in the old candlestick / fan flash is long dead, and as far as I know unavailable. I had forgot the M / X settings, don't use flash much.

    Sorry, James, I should have known you'd be right!
  12. I think it would be a custom build for true wireless for a classic manual camera. A solenoid of some kind that could have a threaded fitting for the shutter release and a way to trigger it via radio signal, infrared, or sound. Since shutter release travel varies it would require some experimentation to provide sufficient travel or avoid excessive travel.
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    Otto Berning & Co made a 12V solenoid actuator for Airforce Robot cameras- Robot Luftwaffen Eigentum, it has a large solenoid connected to a cable release at one end, at the other end,
    the solenoid is connected thru a plug to 12V power supply or some sort of switch, I have the Robot solenoid, but
    not the swiitch, so I cannot test it at this moment.
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    Robot Luftwaffen Eigentum with Robot 12V solenoid actuator bracket

    For WWII German Airforce Messerschmitt BF , and Focke Wulf.

    Working Robot Luftwaffen Eigentum with Robot shutter actuator is very rare
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  15. MTC  Photography

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    The Robot shutter actuator can be use on any classic camera with a threaded shutter release
  16. Interesting, but not wireless I would have thought. And wireless was MTC Photography's question.
  17. The Contax RTS of 1975 had an electronic remote release socket that took a range of cable switches and wireless controllers: Contax RTS Shared Resources - Remote Photography . I'll leave it to the purists to decide whether a camera with an electromagnetic shutter is Classic Manual!

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