Are there any fantastic children's photographers in here?

Discussion in 'Portraits and Fashion' started by ashley_jankowski, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. I've been browsing the galleries and I see lots of fantastic nudes, great landscapes, lots of ametuers photographing everything from their kids to their pets, but very few fantastic children's portraiture - Is there another photography forum with great Pro Children's photographers? What's up?
  2. well, I don't know if I'm fantastic....but....






    Trevor and Ian


    Coney Island, NYC
  3. The W/NW category within PN's Leica Forum see some excellent children shots and threads from time to time.

  4. Not fantasic as it's only casual reportage but...
  5. more reportage...
  6. Heres a list of some that I have marked in my interesting people list whom I feel are wonderful childrens photographers on here. Sorry I dont know how to link to their page. Was dissapointed that your web site is down..I wanted to check out your work. When will it be up?

    Jayme Hall
    Emily Koch
    Danielle Toews
    Janet Cantrell
  7. check out my website and go to my kids portfolio

  8. Not fantastic but this one proved popular in my portfolio. --ben
  9. Check out Nina'a workspace here:
  10. I don't know if you'll think I'm fantastic, but I do enjoy photographing children using equipment from DSLRs to Rolleiflex TLRs.

    Check out my childrens' gallery on my site
  11. I like the photos of my daughter but I'm sure I am biased :)

    Rachel Folder
  12. Brett,

    I see you have birth photos of your daughter. I started a thread about birth pictures a few threads down from this one, if you have any helpful comments for me.


    Checked out your site...Your photos are Awesome!!!! Love the strawberry nose girl she is adorable!!!

    Elaine Marie
  13. I'm just getting started, so I can't claim to be a fantastic established pro, but I do enjoy photographing babies and children and so far have been encouraged by the appreciation people have shown for my work. Not a lot of variety to my portfolio yet, but you're welcome to browse my portfolio or my website gallery.
  14. Sure - there's a lot of fanstastic photographers of all sorts here. Not sure if this is the kind of shot you're hoping for - window light, and my own son about 8 years ago... Doug
  15. So there are some fantastic child photos in here, although I think they are not all fantastic
    - not all of mine are fantastic either. Still - they are all beautiful kids and it's hard to make
    a beautiful child look bad. I mean 'fantastic' as in composition, color, contrast, exposure,
    background, clothing choices, and even the look on the child's face. All of these things
    need to be great for a portrait to be fantastic! Just go look at all the nudes in the galleries
    (whether you appreciate them as art or not) and tell me that most of them aren't
    fantastically photographed. I just want to find a bit of art in every photograph as well as
    technical proficiency. I do have an fine art degree as well as a degree in commercial

    My site is under construction; #1 because I still scanning negatives from the old days and
    #2 because i am also the site designer and the action scripting slows me down and my site
    is a bit complicated. So I'll notifly everyone when it's up. But if it helps - I've have 6 award
    winning merit prints from the GPPA & SEPPA (both professional photographer associations)
  16. Hi Ashley - there are alot of fantasic children's photographers on PN sometimes they are hard to find though. I have noticed that nudes, landscapes, architecture and birds seem to be the most popular and make the TRP list most frequently. But once in awhile some amazing children's photographs sneek in. I would suggest looking up Jayme Hall, J.C. Mellen, Elaine Vang (thanks for the compliment Elaine), Paul Deans, Amber Bowins, Michael Hills, Siri Simonsen, Anik Gingras, Oliver Weber, Lissa Hatcher, and Kristin Morales - just for starters. They are some of my favorites as I too specialize in children's photography. My website is You could also look at my own TRP to find some amazing photographs that I have rated since joining. I tend to rate children's and portraits so my list is mostly people. Hope this helps and welcome to PN. I look forward to seeing some of your images.
  17. Children have rather short attention spans compared to an adult (nude) model - so when shooting children the photographer doesn't have as much time to dink with artistic lighting, and must use the time they have to focus on getting the perfect expression.

    Portraits of active children can be more akin to sports photography than portraiture. You don't often see artistic lighting applied to football photos, either.

    Doug Grosjean
  18. Doug - I can't believe that you associated Children's portraiture to Sports Photography. I've
    seen and worked with lots of photographers that look at lighting as "THE" crucial element of
    photography! Even Sports photographers know how to take a meter reading. In fact most the
    the photos that are ametuerish on PN are ones where the lighting is terrible and the
    composition is moot. Anyone can capture a great moment in a childs life - it's ones that can
    do that and all the rest that are PRO's.

    I'd like to critique you children's portraiture - but your site seems to be down and you have
    lightening uploaded to PN.
  19. "...But if it helps - I've have 6 award winning merit prints from the GPPA & SEPPA (both professional photographer associations)..."

    help what?
  20. Thomas - Someone mentioned that they were disappointed because my site was under
    construction, and I was simply referencing that I have won awards for my work - if that
    helped reference my experience as a photographer...
    Did you read all the comments?
  21. By the way Thomas - I think your kids are adorable, but the first photo is my favorite. The
    lighting is beautiful - the moment is priceless and the composition is good too. The others
    are simply snap shots that you took as a parent. The photography on your site seems to be
    experimental. Are you a Children's Portrait photographer?
  22. As someone said, you have to look a little for childrens' photos, but there are quite a few around. You can search by category on the critique page for starters. I think a lot of child pics are not put up for critique, though, because they generally don't get high ratings or many comments. Cheers.
  23. "...The photography on your site seems to be experimental..."...heh...that's more of a compliment than you could ever imagine....thanks. Not my kids, and no I'm not a Children's Photographer.

    on your Photog Assoc mentioning......I always suspect phrases like those as glory hounding. Glad to see my suspicions were unwarranted in your case. If you already have the jpgs loaded on your should post some more here. I personally prefer seeing the work, rather than the award.
  24. Ashley,

    <<< Doug - I can't believe that you associated Children's portraiture to Sports Photography. I've seen and worked with lots of photographers that look at lighting as "THE" crucial element of photography!>>>

    My point was that not all children are angels when being photographed in a studio.

    IMO, any adult is easier to work with than a child that really doesn't want to be there. And most any normal adult has a longer attention span than a child, so can be posed and lit in more ways than a child.

    <<< I'd like to critique you children's portraiture - but your site seems to be down and you have lightening uploaded to PN. >>>

    My normal site,, was hit by a worm about a week ago and will be down for an indeterminate time. The site is a hobby, and a lot of my writing exists elsewhere on the Net, so it's not a priority.

    But tell you what - tonight I'll upload some portraits I have handy to my profile. Note that I'm *not* currently a proffessional portrait photographer - although I was, about 20 years ago.

    The portraits I'll upload to my profile were shot mostly just for fun, although two (the Oilman) were shot specifically to illustrate a book I'd written. Currently, when I shoot a portrait for fun, I like to have the subject in an environment where they are at ease. Hence, the Oilman with his truck. My son in the bathtub, or asleep on the grass, or on the back of my motorcycle on a long trip at age 6, my Dad in his kitchen after doing the books.

    My stuff probably won't be seen as art, but as straightforward portraiture. At least that's my guess.

    Doug Grosjean
  25. Ashley,

    I've uploaded a total of 9 portraits to my profile. Feel free to have a look. Only a couple are children's portraits, however. Even so, they still fit with my idea of semi-candid, semi-posed photography, having the subject at ease in their own environment, etc.


    Oh, and feel free to be blunt if commenting. I have both a thick head and thick skin, and it won't inflate me to have good comments, or deflate me to have criticism.

  26. Here's the most popular image to date in my PNet portfolio...
  27. And I was disappointed, considering when I posted this one, that it didn't receive a little more attention...
  28. Sorry, thought that was 511 wide, but apparently, it isn't. Oh well, tough to tell from the thumbnail in windows explorer and I'm at work with no PS access...
  29. Gary, I don't think it's a matter of it being a bad photo. I think there are times when cutouts work, and I think your photo is an example of such an instance. I suspect the lack of attention might be due to what many regard as a cliche style (kind of the Anne Geddes thing). It doesn't mean it's bad, it's just not necessarily going to be stand out or be especially interesting to many beyond those interested in the subject. I'm fully aware the same could be said for many of my portraits, too. I'm not above the occasional gimmick myself, especially when it sells. :-D
  30. Ashley, wait until you see this.... ...
  31. Rachael Jane and Yeung-Seu Yoon have some really good childrens photos, works of art in some cases. Yoon, JANE
  32. How fun to find this thread! I'm really going to enjoy checking out all these photographers mentioned. And thank you for mentioning me!
  33. how do you add an image here? and how do I delete one? Thanks!

  34. it


    Dunno if they're "fantastic", but I photograph kids:
  35. Ian love your work!!! really fun!
  36. I think there are many great children's photographers on PN. Some of my favorites are: Elaine
    Vang, Jayme Hall, Danielle Toew, Emily Koch and Mindy Cocolan. Work like theirs is
    something I aspire to do!

    I'm really glad this thread was posted. I'm going to spend the evening checking out all of the
    people mentioned here.

  37. This is a great thread nice to see so many great shots. I am a little late but here are mine to share.
  38. I know I am really late to this but I don't get to this forum very often. Child photography makes up the largest portion of my business these days. Here is a link to some of my favorites I put on a gallery on my website:
  39. Jayme Hall, Emily Koch, Elaine Vang and Mindy Cocolan are all my favorites.
  40. Wow love Rachael Jane's work!!!
  41. I love taking pictures of kids (I'm the oldest of nine kids me-28 to the youngest being 10). So
    they are one of my most favorite things to shoot.
  42. Hey I have to laugh this thread came up when I was doing a search. I did finally figure out how to add pictures so I guess I might as well now. Danielle/LinenPhotography [​IMG] [​IMG]
  43. I'm sorry, but when I saw this, I couldn't resist. It's not the best of photos that I have, but it's about the best kid picture in my ensamble, ya go. lol

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