Are the new Rolleis really any better?

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  1. You can get good 2 1/4 color in bad light. Keppler shows you how.

  2. The Modern Color column shows how to use color filters.

  3. The importance of keeping your Polaroid camera clean.

  4. Thanks Marc, another collection of fascinating and nostalgic articles. The article on "Wall-sized" prints from 2 1/4' square negatives" brought back some fond memories; back in the day, we regularly went through this procedure, and my favourite combination of film and developer for the job was Verichrome processed in Ilford Microphen. There was just something special about that combination...
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  5. Lenses have signatures. My Rollei (1956 Xenotar 3.5) has the most 3-D effect of anything else I shoot. My eyeballs feel how the foreground and background are related in space to that on which I focused. Example follows.

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  6. Thanks are offered for a service much appreciated by the mob still hanging on.
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  7. Another nice view into the past, and for me, quite educative. When I read "super slides" I was thinking of 127 film and 4x4. But it was cropped 120! I had no idea!

    I love this quote from the Feinstein article: "Frankly, even the professional photographer is seldom able to make a print on which a negative scratch or dust spot doesn't leave some sort of a blemish." - I wish I had read this when young; dust almost got me out of photography, and I thought all the time it was because of my lack of skill!

    Although the articles are heavy on 120 film size, there are interesting 35mm ads. I spotted Exakta IIa, Leica IIIg and Nikon S2, no less, along with an early member of the Oly 35 and the Ricoh 500..

    Thanks again Marc, and please keep these coming along. Just reading Keppler makes my day anytime.

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