Are remanufactured inks the same for epson r2880?

Discussion in 'Digital Darkroom' started by kah_hoe_wan, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. Hi Y'all
    Well, its time for me to get new inks for my epson r2880 as my current ones are running out.
    Are re manufactured inks any good. Will it give me the same results compared to genuine Epsons?
    Any place you can recommend me to buy new inks?
  2. I have thought about compatible inks for my R2880 but then realised that I bought it because it uses what I was told were the best inks available. I will stick with Epson inks. If they ever produce a CIS system I will buy it.
  3. Generally third party inks are much cheaper and of much lower quality. They will cause print heads to block and will invalidate the printer warranty. They are fine if you are printing hundreds of copies of sales reports with color bar charts - otherwise, forget them!
  4. @ David.
    Thanks, Any place you can suggest a reputable place to buy inks at the best prices?
  5. best prices are elusive; it's not always the same place that has the best prices on any given month.
  6. Also try the Red River Paper website. They sell Epson and Canon inks, very competitive prices the last time I checked.
  7. Don't know where you live, Kah! Epson are pretty active in discouraging cut-price sales of their products - in the UK there is the option of buying from sellers in Jersey free of sales tax (VAT). I often buy on e-bay - at least for my HP office printer. When it comes to my Epson 3880, cartridges may be slightly cheaper here or there, but there are no bargains!
  8. I haves used MIS inks in my Epson
    R2400 for years. Same result as with
    Epson inks. Passes months long fading
    tests taped to window facing the sun.
    Occasional clogs but temporary.
  9. I have two Epson 2400 one to print photo's the other to print GICLEE art prints (saves having to change cartridges from photo black to mat black) for about 3 year using inks from Efillinks I have had no problems at all..just a clean if I have not used one or the other for a while. and good suport from them using Skype.
  10. 3rd party inks vary in quality and value as much as used cars. I know from first hand experience that the MIS inks are every bit as good as the Epson ink. There may be others as good, possibly from the same ink factory. I also know that some cheap 3rd party inks are plain junk. But no one can fill a cartridge as well as Epson does.
    3rd party inks absolutely do not void the warranty unless the manufacturer can show a failure was directly caused by a 3rd party product. That was decided in a significant court case many years ago. Otherwise Ford would be able to require you to only use Motorcraft oil and filters in their products and GM would require you to use Delco oil and filters in your Chevrolet.

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