Are pros really using the M9?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by brandan, Nov 24, 2010.

  1. Hello.
    I would like to know if there is any well-known photographer using the M9 for his or her projects.
    Thanks for sharing.
    I leave you here an image taked with a MP and a summilux 50mm.

    Brandán Gómez
  2. bms


    I guess that depends how you define well-known.... there are certainly a few that use Leica M's (one example is Anthony Suau....) though I have no idea if they switched.
    I would guess that if there were more, Leica would be bragging more... :)
    Yyou can check out the Leica blog, they may profile some of them, LFI also has writes about Leica photogs....
    I enjoy mine - though I very much doubt that I'll ever be well known :)
  3. Lara Rossignol stated during an interview:
    "I really loved the Leica M9 for portraits, I think this is what this camera was meant for"​
    She's a working Pro: Lara Rossignol Photgraphy - Based in Atlanta & Los Angeles
    Chris Weeks is a working Pro: Chris Weeks Photography also based in Los Angeles. His work is regularly published in Vogue, In Style, People, US Weekly, Spin and Rolling Stone Magazines, uses the M9.
    Thorsten Overgaard is a Danish feature writer and photographer uses the M9: His Website, he's got a good eye too.
  4. Rinze Van Brug.
  5. Does it matter? Driving an Aston Martin doesn't make you James Bond. Using an M9 does not make you a pro, but at the same time, using one doesn't make you an amateur either! There is not much money in most professional photography, so I doubt most full time pros make enough money to afford an M9, or at least to rationalize buying over a 5DII even if they could afford it. At the same time, there are probably some budding Cartier-Bresson's and Lartigue's out there -- incredibly talented photographers who come from a lot of money and can afford to shoot whatever they want. The question to ask is "does the M9 do what I want?", not "do the pros use the M9?".
  6. There is a lot of money in fashion photography – for the top 500 fashion photogs worldwide. Likewise for industrial/commercial.
    The M9 is almost a one-trick camera, designed for reportage work - where there is hardly any real money to be found these days. (Still a few photo journalists use one.)
    Portraits, well, yes, but not for most photogs.
    Product photos? No. Sports? No. Celeb? Maybe. Outdoor/high-action fashion? No. Studio fashion shots? No! Runway fashion? Never. Nature/animal? Why in the world! Nature/plants? How? Scenics? No.
    So there are not many fields of professional photography left to use this camera in as the best-suited camera there is. And ('professionally'/economically reasoning) for this price, it better be!
    Doubtlessly, M-Leicas are the sexiest camera there are (my opinion). And produce great pictures in talented hands and splendid files (M9) after some knowledgeable computer work!
    Buy one if you can! Shoot it daily. It's surely a better investment in your 'joyful living' section than any similarly expensive accessory to your next car/boat/etc.!
    Have fun, Pete
  7. I am not sure about well known but I've seen a Swedish press photographer armed with two M9s. I suppose the only run of the mill reportage photographers it makes sense for are those who already own Leica M lenses and have had previous experience with Leica cameras.
  8. Hello.
    Rinze Van Brug's work is quite outstanding, his travel photography seems to be done with a digital 35mm camera.
    Stuart. In my opinion if there is a vast group of professional photographers using the same tool, is because it is handful, reliable, flexible and price-quality reasonable.
    Pete. Your opinion is my opinion, but i am not completely sure about it.
    Gus. Lara Rossignol and Chris Weeks have a very good work, the only difference between them and Van Brug is planning, art direction and postproduction. They do good professional work.
    In Rinze´s blog you can see a lot of images shot with the -M9, thanks for the input!
  9. i have seen folks about working on an m9. dodged flaming projectiles and rubber bullets with a fella shooting a pair during
    the G20.

    just remember, 'you can't make the cake shooting reportage'? unless of course you do.
  10. Fairly well know in Russia ... Irakly Shanidze primarily uses a M9. He shot a wedding with me and his work from that shoot was featured in the St.Petersburg National Gallery ... his Bumble Bee girl image was featured on the LFI site. He does a lot more with the M9 than just "reportage".
    I use two M9s to shoot weddings and portraits, and corporate assignments like shooting people at work. Not famous or anything ... but I make 100% of my income from photography ... just a working stiff.
  11. Seriously, what does it matter? Anyone can use anything for pro work, it just depends on the work that you do and the look you want to achieve.
    As mentioned previously, range finders are a bit of a one-trick-pony, but why wouldn't you use one if it suited the work that you do, assuming you already have one kicking around. On the other hand, would you shell out hard earned cash in the hope that it gave you some kind of 'edge' or point of difference? I suppose that's a personal decision and really depends on how much you value your hard earned cash.
  12. Thanks Lara. Very good images. Very good work!
    John the question is about if the M9 can be used in different situations with professional results. And a good way to answer this is if this model has spread trough the professional segment.
  13. Brandan, I think know where you are coming from but I think that line of thinking is flawed. Just because it's used by a pro, even some hi profile ones, doesn't necessarily speak highly of a camera, especially when it’s used in such low volumes.

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