Are magazines supposed to give me a photo credit?

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  1. Hi, I am a commercial photographer and I work with many PR agencies that find me clients. I receive payments from clients, the photos go to the clients and the pr agency and finally, they are published in a magazine. Are those magazines supposed to give me a photo credit? Thank you
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    Depends on what your contract says and thee publications' standard policies.
  3. let's say there is no contract, no written agreement.
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    Then there is no obligation on their part.
  5. Martin:

    You don't get what you deserve (or worse, what you think you deserve), you get what you negotiate.
  6. Unless you did the work directly for the publication or your contract with the client says you are to be credited, no.
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    Even if you work directly for the publication, it's up to them unless you have an agreement.
  8. I have to agree with what's been said but have also found that most publications I've sent work to do give a byline to photographers without being asked. There is not an implied requirement for them to do so.
    Rick H.
  9. Even if they did it would be worthless. No one is going to look at a photo credit and decide they must find that photographer and hire them.
    The right way to benefit from publication is to tear the item out as a tear sheet and add it to your portfolio. You can also scan a copy and write a behind the scenes/how I shot this article for your web site/blog.
  10. Dan, publications will look at a photo credit from a magazine, contact the publication that originally published the photo to get the photographer contact info and then buy publication rights to the photo. I had this happen to me with a photo of mine that ran in Road & Track on their PS page. Ultimately about ten publications (including The National Enquirer) contacted R&T to get my info which resulted in sales to me. Some of the pubs gave me photo credit too, but not the Enquirer. I asked the Enquirer photo editor why, and he said that they never do, but they pay very well instead, which they certainly did. The photo I shot was just a quick snap out the car window as I drove by this particular vehicle. Now the NE did want details, so I had to look at one of my shots, call the guy who was selling the vehicle and he filled-me in on the details for the NE. It was our tax dollars at work that paid for this car. Here's the original shot in R&T and the NE version.
  11. Subject: Photo credit
    Hi, I shoot alot of entertainment photography in my area and just photographed a well known national act. I've been asked to provide photos for various publications that do pieces on the entertainers which is working out well, my name is getting around and I'm keeping busy with work. I recently provided photos for a well known organization requesting photo in return for the use of photos...which they did not do. Any tips on how or if I should approach this?
    I will say from here on in, I will submit an agreement first.

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