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  1. How long does it take to get approval to take part in the forums ?.
    Nearly 5 days wait here.
  2. It's random and can take anywhere from a couple of days to forever. Good that you posted because it might be that someone will see this who has the ability to alert someone who can do something about it and maybe you'll see some results. Best of luck and sorry you're having this experience.
  3. uh yeah,,,,,, sunday night waiting for me
  4. Seems to me that you are already taking part in this forum, or am I missing something?
  5. Hello , and thanks for the reply.
    I am still waiting for my "public gallery" or whatever it is called to be approved.
    I cannot post pictures at this time.
  6. I was wondering exactly the same thing...
  7. What happens with new members is that they can immediately post to forums but have to wait for administrative approval to create a gallery/portfolio of their own photos. That approval is hit or miss. It can take anywhere from a day or two to forever.
  8. I had to wait a very long time to get approval to post a message, i actualy was allowed to post in "cannot be seen by regular members until profile is approved" but sadly when i was approved.... everything dissapeared.
  9. The policy is there to stop spammers and 'bots from taking over the message boards, and to stop lewd or distasteful images being posted.

    'Tis a sign of the digital times we lives in, and has to be tolerated if we don't want to be bombarded with advertising, trolling and, for want of a better word, 'filth'.

    Not that I'm prudish myself, but this is pretty much a 'family show'.
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  10. True.

    But when it takes more than a week to be approved (and randomly so, since sometimes approval happens in a couple of days) itโ€™s insufficient resources or negligence at play more than policy.
  11. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Specify what is meant by "everything disapeared".

    There is no indication on any portion of what you have published here has been edited or deleted.

  12. I saw "approval" and immediately started hunting for a photo that fits that "theme". I should learn to take note of what forum I'm in.
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  13. Aha. That explains things.
    I'd say that this very important point of clarification should be added to the initial sign up email that is sent out. Interpreting from the one I was sent, as far as I knew, I couldn't post on the forums until I had received my approval...

    This thread should be made a sticky, IMO.
  14. Well it seems like every new member posts this sort of post again anyway, so....
  15. the posts/post replies i made until this one, this was the first one that didnt have "cant be seen by standard members", all DISSAPPEARED,,, and I also never had any record of making any posts/comments in the messages total column next to my icon at the top of the main forum page, OR in the content page in my user stats. Everything just went the way of the hanging chad
  16. William Michael

    William Michael Moderator Staff Member

    Not the way I see all your contributions.
    You joined Oct 18. Made your first post Oct 22 and in total until now have made 35 posts. All are visible and none have disappeared.
  17. I joined Oct 18. It made me upload 5 photos. When that was done, the system let me post and reply to posts and comments on the 18th. However, EVERYTHING had the little "not visible to other members" spiel to it. The MOMENT i made the post reply in THIS THREAD,, ALL of those prior comments DISSAPPEARED. For example my post question on the Lime Light Meter, was a repost of one i made on the 19th.
  18. Perhaps it's also to stop previously banned members from registering under a different name, but clearly that didn't work...
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  19. according to the website spiel, youve been an internet forum since 1993. and at this moment in time, and have 962,992 members, You should be happy if some member your little club house kicked out felt bored enough to come back to it. Im a new member and the hostility makes me feel like a white dude at a black panther rally.

    Ive seen photos of cats get more likes/follwers in 10 hours then youve managed to get in 27 years.
  20. This statement shows nothing but your true colors. Consider getting bent.
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