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  1. i have just popped over to our local Apple shop. and looked at the apple cinema
    displays: 23" and 30". the difference in price is almost double for the 30".
    where do the advantages come into place with a 30" display. im totally new to
    digital, so just setting up my digital darkroom... im a portrait/fashion
    photographer... what are the pluses of a 30"? is it only the size? or do
    colors, etc on screen change as well?
  2. bigger screen more pixels. check the Macworld website for reviews.
  3. Basically more real estate. Suppose say you're using Photoshop's Bridge browser to view your photos (like a contact sheet), the larger screen size allows you the option of viewing more frames per window, or same number of frames, but in larger size. Note that the 30" monitor requires a special video card to drive it.

    I don't think the 30" outperforms the 23" in contrast or dynamic range, although I have not read any reviews. I do own a 23" and I think it's just the right size. The 30" in too big, too much real estate to move the mouse pointer around.
  4. i am not concerned iwth "more real-estate" as i think a 23" is sufficient for my needs - BUT, if im jeaporidzing quality in color, images etc... then i will re-consider. If it only comes down to "real-estate space" ... then a 23" will do. Any comments?
  5. Price per pixel, the 30" is cheaper.

    The Apple Cinema 23" was recently upgraded to match the contrast ratio of the 30". This only happened a month or two ago. Prior to that the "old" 23" units had a 400:1 contrast ratio while the 30" had a 700:1 contrast ratio. In August 2006 Apple bumped up the specs of the 23" to 700:1. I don't know how you can check whether you are getting a pre-August upgrade 23" unit. FYI.

    Bottom line: The more screen real estate the better. If you use a tablet or modify your mouse settings the cursor travel issue is not a factor. More pixels on display = more efficient retouching.

    If price is a stumbling block on the 30", 23 is a good option. However if price is really the biggest issue then consider a non-apple display. Your mileage may vary, however... I really don't know how the Dell and other 23" competitors compare to the cinema display's quality (though I know some of the non-apple displays out there have superior contrast ratios in the 1600:1 range... for example some of the mid range NEC models).

    Personally, I'm quite pleased with the investment in the 30 inch. Aperture and Lightroom make very good use of the space.
  6. thank you ethan. the model they have in stock for the 30" is the 400:1 and not the upgraded 700:1 as you had mentioned - i will ask about it however. yes, i have been told about the NEC SpectraView range... not sure whether it is more expensive? anyone know?
  7. As far as I know the 30" has always been 700:1... Perhaps you mean the 23"? Of course, there are other factors when considering an LCD purchase besides the contrast ratio. And the contrast ratio itself may be a bit over used when considering the overall merits of a particular model:
    See this Tom's Hardware commentary on LCD specs.
  8. THE APPLE 30" Cinema Display monitor will not work with the standard digital monitor
    output of Mac computers, it requires an additional "premium" video card. If you are
    considering one, you have to factor this into the overall cost.

    McCluney Photo
  9. I remember reading a while ago that the 23" Apple display suffered from quality control problems (the pink cast thing). Does anyone know if that issue was resolved?

    While the Apple display's are very nice, if you need a lot of screen space, consider getting a pair of Dell LCDs, they offer very comprable performance and aren't that expensive. With Apple products you're tend to pay a bit more beautiful industrial design rather than outright performance.
  10. The pink cast problem is no longer an issue in the newer 23" units, though I've had one bad 23" monitor with image ghosting problems.
    The Dells are probably a good bet (I know other photogs that love them) but be careful to get the newer units as well. Some of the units from the first half of 2006 had nasty banding problems (see this article). Evidently solved in the newer units as well...
    I'm not sure who manufactures the internals for the Apple and Dell 30" units, but previously LG made the internals for both the Apple and Dell 20" displays, fyi.
  11. ray


    THE APPLE 30" Cinema Display monitor will not work with the standard digital monitor output of Mac computers, it requires an additional "premium" video card. If you are considering one, you have to factor this into the overall cost.
    I don't think this is true anymore. Late model PowerBooks and all current MacBookPro laptops have dual-link dvi and support the 30 ACD. The base Mac Pro also supports the 30" ACD (from apple's website: "Every Mac Pro graphics card supports dual displays and at least one 30-inch display.")

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