Apple Aperture 1.1 released tomorrow, Thursday

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  1. The following was just posted to Apple's RSS feed, but hasn't made it
    onto their website. It is dated for 5:30AM Pacific time tomorrow

    "Aperture 1.1, a significant update to the revolutionary all-in-one
    post production tool for photographers, runs natively on both Intel-
    and PowerPC-based Macs. The update features dramatically improved RAW
    image rendering and a new set of advanced RAW adjustment controls.
    Likewise, it delivers impressive speed gains on any Mac. At a new
    lower price of $299, Aperture is within reach of anyone shooting with
    a digital SLR camera. [Apr 13, 2006]"

    This is great! I think many of us have been waiting for this update.

  2. The lower price is unexpected and welcome news. I am happy the update it finally ready
  3. ray


    Version 1.1 is now officially released with a lower price of $299. For early adopters (like myself), Apple has a $200 coupon at the Apple store ($100 for academic users):
  4. It is good to see that they are not punishing their early adopters. I Picked up one of the new Intel based iMac's, so I have been waiting for the univeral version to come out so I could use it.
  5. A much more realistic price. Slightly more expensive in the UK. It costs 219 British pounds
    but free shipping.
    $299 in the USA = 170 British pounds.
    But add VAT 17.5 % for us brits it's more closer to 199 British pounds.
    Still a bargain and at last my order has gone in.

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