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  1. Need help from Aperture 3 user
    I have been using Aperture 3 for a year already
    All the while I am happy with the result
    I do not have trainning of Aperture and my workflow is very simple
    I create a project, and in the project, I create album for each of my assignment
    After that, I import photo to the album, at the beginning, I choose the option of import photo to the aperture library
    After sometime, I change the option to import the photo from the current location already
    I exported last year album and the keep it in my external storage as backup,
    The the current year 2011 assignment I still keep it in the Aperture 3
    I am facing a big trouble this morning
    Last night I export an album and then I save it to desktop
    This morning, I accidentally double click the exported album that at my desktop,
    and it launch the Aperture 3, After that, I check the left panel of the Aperture 3
    My goodness......all my album GONE, and only left the album that I just double click
    How can I retrieve back all my album????
    I think last month when I am on my another mac machine
    Aperture 3 also, I am using same workflow, and I have two album there
    When I trying to explorer the files of aperture 3(trying to figure it out where the image go if I select import to library option), then I double click the aperture 3 library file
    My goodness again, it launch my aperture 3
    And then all my album / project gone...
    Is there any way to retrieve it back as well?
  2. I am not too too sure of what happened. Maybe, by double clicking on the desktop album, you asked AP to open it as a new library. If this is the case, then nothing is lost (actually, whatever the case, nothing is lost). You may need to ask AP to load your previous library, from the File menu.

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