Anyone using Yongnuo's 35 f2?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by mark_stephan|2, Nov 18, 2017.

  1. Thinking about replacing my Nikon AF-D 35 f2 because of sluggish aperture blades. I am thinking about the Yongnuo 35 f2 as the replacement and wondered if any of you have used this lens? Lots of reviews for the Canon version but the Nikon looks like a newer design and reviews are hard to find..
  2. I have thought about getting Yongnuo, also. I have had the AF-D 35/2 (maybe two of them) and did not think highly of the lens when used at or near wide open. I am sure that the 35/1.8 Nikon AF-S is better, as is the Tamron prime, but both are a lot more money.. You can cheat and use the 35mm DX Nikon lens on FX bodies, corners are a little dark and murky, but this gets better up close.
  3. I've had the Yongnuo 50mm 1.8 N which is supposedly a better lens in quality than the 35mm. When I could get it to focus properly, it was my sharpest lens at the center. Edges not so much. But it has been so completely erratic and unpredictable on my D3400 (unless focusing manually off the sensor in live view) that after two months and a few thousand exposures I actually put it out in the garbage today. I wouldn't push this lens off on anybody for money. Sorry, to report this way. But true.
  4. Thanks for your comments. I'll stay away from the Yongnuo and save my pennies until I can get the Tamron VC model.

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