Anyone Using an Horizon 202?

Discussion in 'Leica and Rangefinders' started by wendell_kelly, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. Anyone else using an Horizon 202? Or is it just me?

    I bought my Horizon 202 about five years ago from Mike Forman in Atlanta. The
    camera worked properly when it arrived and has worked properly since. At this
    point I've put about 75 36-exp rolls through it and will be taking it with me
    to Europe next month. My grown-up camera is a M6.

    Other than the well-known flare when the sun is included in the image field, I
    can't fault the camera. I've backpacked the camera into the field (in a plastic
    sandwich bag) without any reliability problems at all - also brought the
    Horizon with me on canoe trips (double andwich bags). Obviously, one wants to
    keep dirt out of the swing lens mechanism, which I've done, and the Horizon
    just keeps plugging along.

    I understand the allure of the X-pan and admired the one a fellow shooter used
    on a local shooting walk in my area here in upstate NY. I've never seen a
    Widelux but note that I paid less for my Horizon than the cost of a Widelux CLA
    at Essex. I kind of wonder what the cost would be to install the helical gears
    in a Widelux trophy I might win on eBay.

    Just wondering why the Horizon isn't mentioned at all in this part of the forum.
    Your comments are, of course, welcome.
  2. Well, you've mentioned it and that's good. I love panoramic photography. The Horizon or
    Horizont is a very fine camera. I have friends who use it and swear by it. I use a Widlux 7
    and Fuji TX-1. Panoramic photogs really ought to post more.
  3. Greetings from LA Here are two examples of what a Widelux can do - the streetside musician is a scene from downtown LA. The second image is from Mexico City, in the Centro Historico. Thanks, F
  4. Here's the second Widelux image, taken in Mexico City, near the Zocalo.
  5. Check out Flickr. There are numerous Horizon, Widelux, X-Pan, and other pano camera groups. It looks to me like there are more folks using Horizons than any other brand. I use a Widelux F6 myself.
  6. I have Noblex, XPan and Widepan. I almost did get the new Horizon 3-something but didn't.
  7. "Just wondering why the Horizon isn't mentioned at all in this part of the forum"

    Well, for a start it's not a Leica and it's not even a rangefinder, so it doesn't really belong in this forum!
  8. Hello Wendell!

    Yes, I am using a Horizon 202 successfully for a couple of years. If someone wants to buy this camera, one should watch for a cameras with a better quality "MC" lens. There are cameras on the market with and without an MC coated 2,8/28mm lens, and the quality control is often laid into the hands of the users. Another helpful recommendation is, never change the time or f/stop lever, before having the film transported . This could lead to mechanical problems. Film loading is a bit difficult for beginners and should be trained with a cheap film before taking serious shots. The results with my Horizon 202 camera are excellent, and I can't notice any corner distortions with this little six element wide angle lens. Hand held shots with the special hand grip are possible using 1/60 Sek. The spirit level water bubble can be seen fairly good in the viewfinder.

    I must say I am very happy with this camera.

  9. I love my 202. For the price it's a great camera, durable and faitly easy to operate. I bought mine from a dealer in China some years ago and don't use it as much as I would like to.
  10. "Well, for a start it's not a Leica and it's not even a rangefinder, so it doesn't really belong in this forum!"

    With these as criteria, it would seem that eligibility for this sub-section reduces to a distinction between "Panoramic cameras but only those that are either Leicas (are there any) or have an on-board rangefinder" or "Panoramic Cameras (no restriction as to how they are focussed, if at all)".

    Most, but clearly not all, modern hand-held panoramic cameras do not have rangefinders (Widelux cameras, the Noblex cameras). If it is truly the intention of the moderators limit comment in this subcategory to rangefinder cameras, then the user base contributing here will be narrow indeed.

    The moderators are requested to clarify the requirements here.

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