Anyone used a new Minolta 28-75mm f2.8?

Discussion in 'Sony/Minolta' started by bsutter, Jun 23, 2005.

  1. Has anyone ever used the new minolta 28-75mm F2.8 that came out around
    the time of hte Maxxum 7D?

    I havn't seen any reviews for this piece. As far as I can tell from
    Minolta's lens chart, it will function on any maxxum/dynax AF mount
    body. Is this true?

    For $400ish, I wouldn't except a lens with a f2.8 to be great....but
    at the same time, $400ish for a f2.8 is a pretty good deal. Might be
    a nice walk around except it looks kinda plasticy (and the focus scale
    looks wierd).

    Does anyone have any feedback or samples from this lens?
  2. You might want to do a search if you haven't already. Zoom questions are very common. I did one and saw it mentioned here:
  3. I know isn't a good manner to point you at other forums but there's a lot of talk about this lens in dpreview forum.
    I own this lens and in short I can say that is surprisingly good lens. I was a little sceptic about it (with the price and large aperture in mind) but I really like it. I would prefer a little wider coverage (1.5 crop factor on 7D makes it a bit too long), and the build quality is good but not as older Minolta or G lenses, but the optical performance is really, really good.
    Flare is very well controlled as are distortions (for a zoom lens). Contrast is to my likings and AF performance is great. At 2.8 is a bit soft, but images are still of good quality.
    IMHO this lens is worth even double the price and it has very little competition at the moment (the old G lens with it's AF performance isn't really a worth investment IMHO). I haven't seen a new lens at that price with such a good overall performances.
    If you need any info just ask. I can upload some raw files if needed too.

    Happy shooting
  4. As I understand it all Minolta AF lenses will function with all Minolta Dynax/Maxxum (USA nomenclature) Cameras as well as the 7D.

    Yet another Minolta benefit.
  5. Popular Photography tested the lens early this year together with the 7D and gave high marks for it. I agree that the 1.5 crop factor makes it a less than ideal normal zoom for the 7D, but it makes a good combination with the 17-35, and works very well with the film 7. It is light weight but feels solidly built. It may be plasticky but doesn't feel like that.
  6. If you are looking for reviews, search for Tamron 28-75mm instead. They are the same.
  7. Bill- Didn't KM recently announce 3 new lens that will only work with the 7D and future DSLRs, as they have a smaller image cicle than that used in 35mm photography? As I recall, two of the lenses are of a Tamron design, and the third was a lens that was exclusive to KM.
  8. Clinton ->

    hope it helps. The lenses should be out in autumn.

    The KM 28-75/2.8 I haven't used, but I have used the Tamron, and it's really good, and for that price it's a great choice. I know the Tamron had some Q-C problems as some of the lenses were too soft wide open (but not the one I had), so I expect the KM version to be as good (opticaly wise), or better (quality wise).
  9. As it stands at present it would appear that my point is still valid.
  10. It actually feels pretty well built - better than you'd expect for a $400 f/2.8 zoom. The lens shade is kinda chintzy, but I don't anticipate problems. It's very sharp - a real bargain for its price. Good wide open and good when focussed close. AF performance on the 7D is reasonable - noticably faster than the old 28-85, slower than my primes. It's "designed for digital" with newer coatings, but still full frame, covering 35mm. Most of the rave reviews are based on using it with APS sized sensors. But I think a couple of reviews have been done taking into account full frame corner performance - the Pop Photo reviews in particular, I think.

    Samples abound - try pbase or photosig.

    I personally like the range a lot on the 7D, not so much as a "walkaround" lens (I've been looking for a bargain on a 24-105 for a single-lens travel kit) but find it good enough for people pics. I'd prefer a little wider & a little longer at times, but I wouldn't want to sacrifice either end for the other and am happy to have f/2.8.

    - Dennis
  11. I appricate all the feedback! I'd searched...but not had much. DP review definatly has some good information. Unfortuantly, there arn't many people using it on a film body. I was hoping to use it on my Maxxum 7 film body as well to replace my Minolta 24-85 f/3.5-4.5. That is a pretty good lens if you control it well, but wide open and @24mm it is not fantastic. The lure of f2.8 has me exploring other options. I don't acutally have a 7D right now, but hoping to hold out for the next release in 2006. I do have a Canon 300D (digital rebel), and boy do I wish that worked like hte M7. Then, that's another story not for this thread...

    The Tamron has really rave reviews...I will then hope that hte Minolta version is the same or better.
  12. Bill- So this autumn, you'll retract the last part of your original post? Sounds like you're a politician, as you're trying to save face.
  13. "These new zoom lenses will expand the line-up of Konica Minolta lenses for the Maxxum series cameras"
  14. As to whether the Tamron and Minolta 28-75/2.8 are identical or not, see this amusing thread on Pop Photo tested them as very different at 75mm.
  15. Bill- Why don't you admit you were wrong, instead of blaming KM with that quote?
  16. "Interchangeable lenses"

    "AF DT Zoom"

    "The first is the AF DT Zoom18-70mm f3.5- 5.6 (D) (which on the 7D would provide an equivalent field of view as a 27-105mm lens), secondly ............"

    "meets the needs of users who would prefer to take ultra-wide-angle pictures, users .........................changing the lens"
  17. To contribute to my own question, I now have this lens. It is excellent. I may not have the same build quality has a 28-70 2.8 G, but it is acutally nice that the lens is lighter and smaller. Most of the pictures were shot with this lens on a (film) Maxxum 7), color, distortion and overall image quality are excellent. When I want to travel light I carry just this lens and a Minolta 100-200 f/4.5. I went to Italy for a week and got all outstanding photos with this lens.

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