Anyone use walkie-talkies at wedding

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  1. I've shot a couple weddings with an associate where we were out of sight of each
    other and wireless communication could have been helpful. Does anyone on the
    list have experience using "walkie-talkies" or some other unobtrusive
    communication device while shooting weddings with another photographer? Is it
    practical or do you just end up looking like deranged Secret Service men talking
    into your sleeve microphone? (Shades of the movie "The Wedding Planner" -- "MOB
    is on the move!")

    Marc St.Onge
  2. There were MANY event that I've been to where I wish I had either a "walkie-talkie" (WT) or the Radio Shack headset 2-way radios.

    I can see where it will be useful for certain situations. Like shooting large group formal from the balcony, you don't have to use a bull horn or shout.

    It is simply a tool. If it will help your shooting, by all means use it.

    You should take 2 different types to use based on the situation. Some (the AM units) could get into the PA system...not good. And have a fall back plan if you just can't use it due to interferance to the PA system or interferance from electrical equipment.

    Some the WTs have plugs for a headset. If you don't use a headset, you should at least use the earphones, so it won't disrupt others. And the obvious, you have to be aware of what you say and how loud you say it.

    BTW since you are not using licensed commercial radios, you have to have fall back plans in case some kids decide they want to harrass you and interfer with you on the air.
  3. I tried it once, you really need headsets of some sort for two reasons, firstly talking into a unit is hard mid shoot, secondly and most importantly, other wise you will a) be disruptive, b) not be able to hear anything during the reception/dance when you most need to tell your assitant to move!
  4. Find an assistant that keeps their eyes on you at all times, and you won't need to talk to them.
  5. Cell phones! Earphone or bluetooth. Hands free. Practice with the volume. Cingular and probably others let you talk to someone with the same service at no extra fee, so feel free to talk all you want, but...

    You don't have to talk loud like all the dorks who walk around - "Hi, what are you doing. I'm speaking on my cell phone to look important 'cause I've got nothing better than to let everyone know I have this silly need to be heard."
  6. Do a search for "FRS" radios. Decent range of about 1km indoors & out (real world range), and you can usually get handsfree headsets for them.

    My wife & I use them not only for weddings, but also when hiking, camping, even shopping.

    Otherwise, cellphones work well also, and Nextel's direct-connect style service can be used just like a walkie-talkie.
  7. My last wedding, the videographer had miked the bride and groom with wireless - so I'd be concerned that I'd be interfering with his frequency.

    I'd also be concerned that in the middle of the service, we'd hear a big huge loud burst of static, followed by "Breaker Breaker One Nine, Rubber Duck you got your ears on?" shouting from my pants pocket and then me turning red and sprinting for the nearest exit while clawing at my pocket to make the thing shut up. Of course, that kind of thing just happens to me.

    So, I'm thinking not. Just for me, of course.
  8. Wigwam

    That's one reason why you need to use a headset or earphones.

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