Anyone Use the SONY CYBERSHOT line of digital cameras

Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by bob_doroh, Oct 19, 2003.

  1. Im trying to decide on a New Digital camera to bring with me to
    australia, I saw some Sony Cybershots at in my price
    range just wondering what your experience has benn with it, any
    model 5mp to 3.1 they all seem to share same features
  2. I've been using a two generation old f707 for almost two years now and have been pretty happy. There are some things that bug me, like autofocus/shutter lag, but I've learned to aniticipate.
    Here are some pix I took day before yesterday.
  3. Bob,

    I use an older 707 also. Slow but predictable. If I were you I would wait until the new Sony 8mp comes out for comparison sake. I still shoot a lot of film with my Leica rangefinders. However, I think my next digital will be a Nikon D100 as I also have a sizeable investment in Nikon lenses.
  4. been using a 2mp cybershot p-31 which is outdated by now but still churning out better than expected results than those higher end cameras that my friend been using. you wont go wrong with a sony specially when you do a lot of night photography. shutter lag will always be an issue for 4mp and below models. the new 8mp model is very nice and would probably upgrade to that in the near future.
  5. sony dsc-v1 rocks. it relatively small compared to its competitors and comes in the silver color and plenty of manual features. other ones are the canon g5 which is larger and black with the cool LCD which is also good. the g5 and the Nikon 5400 or sumtin like that are really similar. These are the three top of the line digital compacts. The Canon has a higher RETAIL price but you can actually get it for cheaper. I like my V1 tho cuz its shiny and cool lookin. all these cameras suport add-on lenses. they are in about the 700 dollar price range. you can get better deals online though but i like the security of buying from a real store.
  6. btw. they don't have the same features. only the Sony F717 or whatever and the DSC-v1 have manual modes. that makes a HUGE difference.

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