Anyone still using their Rokkors with film?

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  1. I have an XD-11 that sees lots of use. My best lenses are the 135mm f3.5 MD and especially the 85mm f2.0 MD. I get great color with this rig and a certain soft/sharp quality I find only in certain Rokkors.
  2. Today I was gifted an EX+ condition SR-1 set with 35, 50 and 135 Rokkor lenses, plus extension tubes #1-#5. Also have an XG-M and 7000.

    The SR-1 will see some use when I am done with the roll in my Canon FX, also a 1960s era camera.

    The 7000 I put alot of film through in the 1990s. It is badly disintegrating, and I want a new Maxxum body to use my awesome 28-70/2.8 G lens.

    The XG-M has not seen much use, and probably will not. It just doesn't speak to me at the moment.
  3. @Wilmarco- To replace the 7000 you might look at the 8000i. You gain spot metering, three AF sensors, brighter VF, top shutter speed of 1/8000 (with X-sync 1/200), PC socket for flash, and creative expansion card slots. The outer covering of the 5000/7000/9000 as well as the "i" series (like 5000i, 7000i, and 8000') do tend to deteriorate over time (turn sticky). I believe the xi series is also that way. The later XTSI and HTSI, Maxum (4 and 5) have a different covering, but appear less rugged than earlier models.
    Congrats on the SR-1. It is a solid beast that will serve you well. I have a later SR-3 with the 50mm f1.8 Auto Rokkor and 100mm f3.5 Auto Rokkor which works perfectly.
  4. Thanks Mike. I’m thinking of a 9 to replace the 7000. What’s your opinion on that?

  5. I have the 9xi and 800si. I hate those 2. I do like the 9 but I don't have one and the 7 which I have is quite nice.
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  6. I've never owned the 9, but from what I've read it was the top of the line Maxxum. It shares the same 1/12,000 top shutter speed of the 9xi but is IMHO, a much more desirable camera. The 9xi, although top of its range, continued with some of the somewhat aggravating features of the lesser xi series. The main reason I picked up a 9xi was it was cheap, yet fully functional. I believe the top 9 had a titanium body (or at least partially titanium).
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  7. Loaded a roll of TX into the SR-1 last night and made a few portraits with studio light. Surprised to find no accessory shoe! I used a PocketWIzard with the transmitter hanging from my wrist with the lanyard, kind of funny. Looking forward to seeing the Rokkor lens performance.

    I did find the accessory shoe clip on device for this camera, online.
  8. Very nice image. I'm glad to see someone still using that lens. I wish I used mine more before I sold it. I found the 16mm to be more useful for my style.
  9. A test roll through the recently gifted camera. Fresh film with a more careful technique will be interesting. Fun camera.

    Minolta SR-1
    Minolta Auto W.Rokkor-HG 35/2.8
    Kodak Tri-X long expired mom_daughter.jpg
  10. Minolta SR-1
    Minolta Auto Tele Rokkor-PG 135/2.8
    Kodak Tri-X long expired
    Studio strobe around f/8 or f/11 to camera left, triggered with a PC cord and PocketWizard with bounce fill to camera right.

  11. The test roll has shown me that the SR-1 with the Rokkor lenses is capable of making nice images. Need to be careful about strong light sources and flare. I guess that is consistent with the coating technology these lenses received.
  12. Another one here, with an X500 (570 for you in America), a,bright short zoom and FP4+. I started with an SRT101.
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  13. I was shooting film with a pair of XD11’s and Rokkor glass until a few years ago when the good film shop near me shut down. I don’t have enough time to soup my own BW film anymore. So now I have an A7 and adapters.

    Maybe some day I’ll be retired and will set up a darkroom. As good as digital gets, for me there’s something about the physical objects of negs and optical prints that it can’t replace.
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