Anyone still using the D70?

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  1. I never thought about a D70 as I was 100% film and hardly into Nikon at all in 2004 until I picked up one with around 3000 exposures and near new condition in the 'unwanted and free' box at my local dealer couple of weeks ago. So I had to save it! I charged up the flat battery and checked a card was fitted - yes in place still - a 1024 MB Kingston.

    So I took it on a short break which had one or two slots in the weather - I was happy with the performance and it worked intuitively and apart from the small screen, could be any modern camera.

    Anyone still using as a regular camera? Any recent shots you are proud of you could share? Interested to see if any are still being enjoyed. Three examples are below that I took - I am still getting a feel for the photos and best ways to edit them but I am enjoying the small file size which makes for swift editing on my older computer.



  2. I still regularly use a Nikon D50. 6mp doesn't leave much room for cropping I wouldn't want to push ISO much over 400, but yes, fun to use a "classic". Think I'll take it out tomorrow.
  3. Good luck with that Sandford. What lens - the 18-55?
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  4. I never considered the D70 was good enough for me but I couldn't resist when I saw one in very good condition a few years back at garage sales for $30. It's a nice camera though .
  5. 50mm F1.8 Nikkor. I have a few Nikon zooms and a D300, always enjoy using the Nikons.
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    While I didn't mind it way back in 2004, a few years after that when I picked up a D70, I found its viewfinder totally unacceptable. Today, I think working EN-EL3(e) batteries maybe harder to find.
  7. The D70 was my first DSLR - purchased towards the end of 2004. Sold almost exactly 3 years later.
    The dinky viewfinder shocked me the first time I saw it. Dynamic range of the sensor was abysmal by today's standards.
    A few years later I picked up a D60 (modified D80/D200 sensor) - quite enjoyed using it with the 35mm DX lens.
  8. The closest I ever came was the D100. I picked up a low mileage body and battery grip for $100. Still got it and use it now and then. Of course I still have a D1-X too. Shun the EN-EL3e batteries are still available through places like Battery Source, I bought a few spares last year.

    Rick H.
  9. Hi, I'm not a Nikon guy, so never used one. But just fyi, I think that the D70 may be one of those sorta unique cameras that can flash sync at ANY shutter speed, all the way up to max.

    So if you wanna use a fill flash in bright sun, or likely even "overpower the sun," I think this may be a camera that can do it. I just looked at the specs - they say 1/500 sync speed, but if you can use a flash that doesn't talk back and forth to the camera (aside from simply making the sync contact) then the sky's the limit. Maybe.) I'm going from memory, so best look for online reviews to confirm this; I could be wrong.
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    The D100 is a modified Nikon F80/N80 film camera. In fact it was my very first digital camera of any type. It has a pentaprism viewfinder instead of the penta-mirror on the D70/D70S. I still have a new EN-EL3 and EN-EL3e batteries around, when I want to use my D300 and D700 (EN-EL3e only for those). I have given away most of my CF memory cards by now, although I still have a few around.
  11. I almost went in on a D70 but opted to buy a Coolscan IV and continue with film. I'm glad I made that choice.

    When I got married in 2008 the wedding photographer used a D100. I was a bit shocked but all the photos were fine and printed up well. I even handed him a D40 and a big cropped print my father-in-law had done from a JPEG I sent him via email looks great.

    Eric Sande
  12. I still pull out the very, very old D1H from time to time and use it for pictures of stuff I'm selling or giving away. I had the upgraded D70s but sold it when the D50 came out and that was followed by the D80 and then the D300s and on and on and on. Today I use a D7100, D7200 + D800 or D600. Your pictures from the D70 look great!
  13. Thanks for the input. Nice to know that even one of the oldest Nikon cameras can give good results in 2020. When people tell me photography is an expensive hobby and they can't afford it I tell them it can be almost free - and they hardly believe me. But it's true. No excuses!
  14. I use an old D100 with a cracked LCD glass for infrared shots, also a D70 and D1x before selling them, These early Nikons are much more sensitive to IR than later ones. I also used a 6MP Canon D60, which works with many older Sigma lenses which throw up error messages on the 10D and its successors. Here's a shot from it with a Sigma 24mm Super Wide, shot in RAW and upsized to 11MP in ACR:
  15. Converted my D70s to IR, still fun to use.
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  16. I have been using the D50 today and the one real issue I have with the camera is the sticky, tacky feeling on the grip. Tried everything, any suggestions?
  17. When I bought the D70s for $30 it has a severe case of sticky issue. I used 90% alcohol and spent about an hour clean it up. It's no longer sticky but it's much smoother than new and it's not as grippy like new.
  18. Thanks, I've tried alcohol but didn't put in enough effort it seems. I don't mind removing all the ruberized coating.
  19. I also have a couple of D70s cameras. I removed the IR filter in one, and still use that one occasionally.

    Batteries are still available.
  20. 50% Isopropyl Alcohol wasn't getting the job done so I switched to a 90% alcohol hand sanitizer, much better job and a lemon scent for my Nikon.

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