Anyone still using Mamiya Press cameras (Universal or Super 23)?

Discussion in 'Classic Manual Cameras' started by everheul, Feb 15, 2021.

  1. Getting back into film this past year and have been using these beasts. Loving the versatility, in spite of being forced to get a workout lugging the gear around. Anyone else still using their old Mamiyas?

    Mamiya Super 23.jpg
  2. I bought one late last year. With COVID and the bitter winter conditions, it's sitting in the bag waiting to go.

    Mine came with the 6x4.5 - 6x9 film back. I bought a 3-D printed "G Adapter" so I could use my Graflok backs on it.

    It's manual photography at its most basic. There are tons of ways to screw up the shot, but it really forces me to concentrate on the task.

    Mamiya Universal Press.jpg
  3. beautiful looking camera. :)
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  4. I used my dad's Super 23 to shoot wedding photos during the late 70's. I used a 220 back the provided 20 6x7 negatives per roll.
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  5. I have and do still use a similar appearing product.
  6. When I photographed weddings I used a manual Honeywell Strobonar. I had a table of apertures to use at different focusing distances. When my dad covered weddings he used a Matador 500 (with Ni-Cad battery pack on shoulder strap). That was a noisy beast when it was recycling.
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  7. I had a Universal but could never get used to it. Used a Rapid also as shown above. It was a bit awkward and slow I thought but the superb glass made up for it.

    Rick H.
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  8. A camera for masochists... that I have and like

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  9. My best friend still uses his Koni
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  10. I too have the Koni Omega and I've used it. The glass was excellent, but I'Ve dubbed that as one to be sold... it'S a tank and the frame spacing on the back has never worked right ... lucky to get 8 exposures instead of the 10 intended as the pun!

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