Anyone reccomend a hosting comp. for 1st site?

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  1. I am getting ready to put up my first site and cant wait. I
    purchased a template from winklet web design and now am debating
    wether to use their affiliated hosting company. It is only $8/mth
    for the type of coverage I need... I think(not sure of everything I
    should need). Does anyone have any thing I should look out for in
    coverage/otherwise that I may regret not having later. Any problems
    you encountered on your 1st shot? The storage and bandwidth seem to
    be more than effecient but I dont know what else I should even be
    concerned with. I basically decided to go this cheap/quick/easy
    route just to have an online presence and point prospective clients
    to. It is all going to be done for pennies which is basically and
    shamelessly, all I have now :)(dont let anything get in the way of
    your dreams) Some things I was thinking of were: I noticed several
    of your sites lead to spots where your clients can view and buy
    thier wedding pics through your own sites. Can this usually be
    added on fairly easy at a later date? The other big concern I had
    was the template I purchased was largely Flash and after some
    investigating im concerned with how I would get this thing ranked on
    search engines. Point me in the right direction? I pre-apologize if
    I haven't provided you with any needed info. Please let me know.
    Thanks to All.

    Sincerely- Scott Anderson
  2. has been the best web hosting company I've ever used.

    Great service!
  4. DO NOT USE YAHOO. Well, try to avoid using them unless you are an ardent Yahoo fan. Their customer support does not support flash website hosting issues. All Winklet sites are flash sites, and Yahoo - as well as a few others - won't lift a finger to help you. Their customer support personnel can't even see a flash site without going to a special computer in their service centers. Their answers to even basic questions were not correct from a technical standpoint. This is my humble opinion after several calls to different web hosting support staff.

    To top it off, I asked to speak to a manager several times and they would not put a technical support manager on the phone because the managers are not trained to handle website hosting support issues. I rarely, if ever, use profanity, but a few choice words slipped out of my mouth as I dialed back after being disconnected twice.

    I will say that their hosting service is very relaible and reasonably priced, but that doesn't do me any good if their system can't distinguish the difference between a html splash page and my flash home page. It's such a basic setup that anyone should be able to host and support it.

    So now I have a fully csutomized flash site (still very straight forward) that began as a Winklet Template, and I have to search for a new hosting provider.

    Yahoo needs to wake up and realize that Flash is a pretty popular website development tool, even if it's not the most common sense format to use. This is NOT a Winklet issue. I've never had a problem with their work.

    Please ask any prospective hosting company if they can provide support on basic issues if your flash website is not loading correctly.

    Paula from Winlket is an excellent, excellent person, by the way. She really should be charging more for what she does.
  5. ditto on the YAHOO... run away! I use and am very pleased with the service I've gotten, other than response to some support requests being a little slow. Winklet templates are great too; I just moved to one from a site I'd created, and I'm getting great compliments on it!
  6. I just left Yahoo for 6.99/month love the service
  7. always has specials running. I think you can get your domain name for $2 (not sure how many years) if you also purchase hosting. Or maybe I have that backwards.

    The down side is their site can be a bit difficult to use when finding information. But you can call their 800 number for help.
  8. I'll host a basic website for 20 gbp for a year if you need it. I have plenty of space left over from my reseller package needed for a busy website of mine! No support pages but fully featured and im always avalilbe by email...
  9. I setup and help build starter domains and web sites for people. I've been doing it for six years now.

    I always use (as a UNIX provider) and nearly always to register domain names and also as a provider (especially for .NET -based web pages) to host your web site.

    I am going to start a new photography business soon and still follow my own advice. ;)
  10. Well Y'all, I decided to go with based on the few recommendations. Plus I called them, informed them I was as web-site illiterate as they come, and the guys walked me through everything. They even plugged the site in to make sure their would be no compatibility issues, their weren't, I thought that was great. I will post the link when I get it on-line and you all can take a gander. Thanks again to everyone for your help.

    I have used them for 7 years and have been very very happy.

    $99 a year.
  12. I use ipowerweb and they are not that expensive and very dependable.
  13. I'm using Very happy with them and their service.

    Dick Parrish
    Dick Parrish Photography

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