Anyone out shooting today?

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  1. Anyone out shooting today? If so do you have anything specific in mind or like me do you just wander around hoping something good will turn up while getting in everyone's way.
  2. Most of my photography is indoors. Still, if I see something interesting outside, I'll take a photo. I used to post at least one Vine every day on average, so I shot a lot more Vines than photos! I might have to go to the supermarket tomorrow to get a few props. Not the most exciting thing in the world, I admit. :)
  3. As soon as the sun comes up and it warms up a little, we're going up to Jerome (AZ) to try to get some shots before the tourists show up...
  4. Today is a Fuji 27mm day. No specific destination and weather allowing.
  5. There is a lot of sun but also cold today (- 12 C, or about 12 F?) in eastern Canada for casual-objective photography (that is, wandering around in search of interesting images) so I tend to photograph inside and go out in winter to simply enjoy sports or hikes or conduct my part time business.
    I also like to photograph more intentionally with a particular theme or objective in mind (including creating a part of the environment or scene), which is independent of season, but that imagination doesn't occur every day. For the moment, deep in winter, inside activities are prominent.
    I like your approach of just wandering around and observing, although I am not only a street shooter and prefer not to interfere too much with the busy (and likely more important) activities of my fellow citizens. While away in a car on business today I will certainly have my camera at hand in case I see something that is too good to ignore.
  6. Art glass photos this morning for a show application, then outside this afternoon since the weather is agreeable. I'll probably go to a local lake late this afternoon and see what birds are around.
  7. It's a half-hour before sunrise, and it looks like another windy, rainy day. I'll head to the beach (safer than the forest in gale-force winds) with a 10-18 mm lens on the camera. I'll use that lens for three reasons: it's physically short enough that I can protect it easily under a raincoat; storms tend to beg for expansive views; and it's a new lens so I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it--I've shot exclusively with it for the past 3 days. So I'm not off in search of anything in particular, but I'll head out into the weather with the intention of seeing what things look like through a wide-angle lens.
  8. Norman 202

    Norman 202 i am the light

    I working my way down Morocco's atlantic coast Today I am having to endure 20C and sun
  9. I'm going to Santa Cruz, Calif today to visit my daughter. I will take my camera. I carry a FM2n with HP5 @ 800. Usually a yellow filter when outside but I have orange and red in the bag.
  10. Was out this morning for the sunrise and the ice was nice and did suffice.
  11. Going up to Geyserville for a cousin's memorial service, so I'll cruise Canyon Road and West Dry Creek Road for some mid-winter wine country stuff. It's going to be pretty damp, so we'll see.
  12. And my favorite from this morning's (wet) excursion...
  13. >>> Anyone out shooting today?
    My phone is always in my pocket.
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  14. Sunrise this morning. On the way home from walking the dog I noticed some nice reflections from the warming and melting snow. It's finally above freezing around here (40 F high) in Idaho after weeks of much colder weather!
  15. Yup, been shooting most of the morning with an iPhone documenting all the damage our HOA has done to the slopes in front of our house. I normally shoot for fun but today I was shooting for a purpose.
  16. Today
  17. Dark dreary winter in the country, not much inspiration. I always have a camera when I go anywhere, jokingly "in case the space aliens land" but no purpose most of the time. Every once in a while I put a big lens on (a bird buster, otter spotter, etc.) and go out and savor the silence. I think the long lens sends out an invisible radar signal that makes everything living fly, run, creep and burrow out of sight. Put the 200-500 on, and it's like a set from The Road!

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