Anyone need a 500mm f/4 IS lens?

Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by marc_felber|1, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. If anyone needs a Canon 500mm f/4 IS lens Sammy has a used one for sale right now on ebay. I don't work for sammy's just trying to pass some info to my fellow photo net users since the price they are selling for is very low for the IS version. Great deal for those need to get into the 500mm lens area.
  2. They seem to have an unknown reserve. May not be such a good deal.
  3. They have a buy it now for 4299. You can assume that the reserve is no more than a hundred or so below that.
    The photos show it as pretty well chewed up on the tripod mount and elsewhere, no hood, big dent in front rim, dust trapped between elements.
    I think they have unrealistic expectations in this sale.
  4. My guess is the buy it now price is the reserve price as well...
  5. When you see both "reserve" and "buy it now", you should skip it. Spending $4300 for a heavily used Canon 500mm f/4L IS, I pass.
  6. It might be just the color temp, but the paint looks a little yellow. Smoker?
  7. I have a related question... How much would you folks be willing to spend on a heavily used 300mm f2.8L IS? I just bought one and have a 10 day return privilege. Although the paint is very, very worn, the optics, mechanics and electronics seem to be great. It just arrived 30 minutes ago. I plan to put it through more formal testing over the weekend. I just want to get an idea if I paid too much for it. After I get an idea of what value you would place on it, I will add another post with the price I paid if you are curious. Thanks, Larry
  8. Well, check KEH "bargain" rated 300 2.8L and subtract 30 or 40% for lack of warranty (they have a short warranty with returns possible). Realize the market is a bit slow now, so things on Ebay and FM tend to sell a lot cheaper than KEH used prices.
  9. Larry H: I have seen the 300mm F2.8 going for around US $3500-$3700 (in mint condition, sometimes with some warranty left) in the photography-on-the-net forum. How much did you pay ?
    As for the 500mm F4, a great condition one can be bought for around US $4700 on the same forum. The lens hood alone costs $ 546 at B&H, and this one advertised on Ebay has that one missing :)
  10. Since the Canon 300mm f2.8 in mint condition sells for $3,500+. I would pay around $2, 200 for one that is dinged up pretty bad.
  11. pretty beat up lens
  12. Either I paid too much or some of you are very optimistic about how much such a lens should cost. KEH currently has a non-IS 300mm/2.8L USM in Bargain condition for $2569. I fully imagine that an IS lens will go for a lot more than that.
    I bought my IS model for $2749 from Adorama (with a short warranty, but I bought an optional 2 year warranty considering how worn the paint is). I tried it this weekend and everything seems to be in order other than the condition of the paint, the missing tightening screw on the hood (the hood itself was included, along with the tripod mount and hard case--no front cover, but that's cheap to replace). The lens elements are in great condition and, pending a little more inspection, the lens seems as sharp as a rental lens I used a few years ago.
    So, did I pay too much? I had never before seen a 300mm/2.8L IS lens for this little money, regardless of condition. Have you? Is there any way to check historic eBay prices beyond just clicking on 'completed items'? I did that and see nothing comparable, but the history is relatively short.

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